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The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

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The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

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Students feel unnecessary pressure when parents create unrealistic expectations for college admissions due to comparisons in WeChat groups.

Comparisons in parent WeChat groups are toxic

Nicole Ge February 1, 2022

With college decisions in full swing, parents boasting about their child’s accomplishments have once again taken over WeChat groups created to convey class-specific information to Lynbrook parents. These...

I loved the community that allowed me to connect with my culture in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Being brown in a small white town

Tanika Anbu February 1, 2022

My story started in a city North of New York City called Poughkeepsie. The concept of diversity there was so foreign that a local news reporter featured me and my friend for wearing traditional Indian...

Every year, an increasing number of Americans are pulled into the Christmas scheme of spending money on lavish gifts to impress family and friends as they disregard the true meaning behind holiday gift-giving.

Don’t catch the Christmas consumerism craze

Amy Liu December 7, 2021

The day after Halloween, homogenous marketing greets shoppers in each store: Posters and signs glare at passersby from front windows, holiday music screams in customers’ ears and mountains of Christmas...

There are significant disparities between the number of male and female students present in certain classes, especially in AP-level STEM classes, which feature an average 3-2 ratio of boys to girls.

Editorial: Gender disparities in AP courses influence classroom dynamics

Epic Staff December 7, 2021

Although Lynbrook is widely viewed as an encouraging environment for students to pursue their aspirations regardless of sex, there are still significant disparities between the number of male and female...

Christmas and Navratri both connect us to religion and culture but much more importantly to a familial bonding and goodwill. 

A non-Christian merry Christmas

Sruthi Medepalli December 7, 2021

Screeching songs about jingle bells, throwing tinsel on trees, hastily wrapping last-minute gifts and baking box double-chocolate brownies for a fat white man and his fat reindeer — while my phony Christmas-infused...

I thought that quitting would reduce my opportunities, but it instead opened me to countless possibilities I never knew existed.

“What else do you have left?”

Jason Shan December 7, 2021

It was a question that my parents had asked and one I had asked myself countless times during the summer before high school. I had quit nearly all my extracurricular activities, so as I entered high school,...

The lack of dividers in boys’ bathrooms is a long unaddressed issue and pressures students to use only the corner urinals and individual stalls.

Dividers between urinals are necessary for privacy

Anirudh Seshadri December 7, 2021

Long before social distancing became common, it was already happening in boys’ bathrooms. Uncomfortable faces looked furtively to identify the farthest vacant urinal as others quickly tried to finish...

Though Biden’s presidency started swtrong with a COVID-19 stimulus bill, problems ranging from alarming inflation to party infighting show that Biden has not been the president he promised to be. 

BBB: Biden Be Better

Meera Nambiar December 7, 2021

During the 2020 election, Biden campaigned on the slogan “Better Days Lie Ahead.” But almost a year later, is the country truly better off? Many Americans disagree, with Biden’s approval rating dropping...

While an American classic, pumpkin pie, has found its way to our table this time of the year, yogurt rice will always be a unique symbol of my parents’ immigration.

Thanksgiving, but with yogurt rice?

Samyukta Sarma November 9, 2021

The streets of San Jose, Calif. were deserted on a stormy night in 1997 when Seetha and Sankara Sarma arrived at the lobby of Motel 6, drenched and holding a 5-year-old child in their arms. My parents...

Facebook, now renamed Meta, has controlled many sibling companies that it has bought over the years.

One company to rule them all

Myles Kim November 9, 2021

Facebook’s global outage on Oct. 4 lasted for seven hours and left billions who rely on the app and its subsidiaries for digital communication stranded. This put the company’s unethical, continued...

the Epic is constantly working toward equitable coverage of the Lynbrook population.

Editorial: Does the Epic fairly represent the community?

Epic Staff November 9, 2021

As part of our ongoing effort to promote diversity, equity and inclusion, the Epic is taking a look at our diversity statistics from the past four school years, 2017-21. Diversity in coverage includes...

Breaks are important for students to focus during class and not be mentally absent.

It is okay to be absent for your mental health

Jasmine Rihal November 9, 2021

Many students experience running on only a few hours of sleep, bubbling with anxiety and dealing with the constant stress that comes with being a teenager. Left unaddressed, these issues can lead to mental...