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The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

Elizabeth Cheng poses with crayons, showing her love for art.

My art and me

Elizabeth Cheng, Editor-in-Chief November 7, 2022

In the middle of the summer before my senior year, I laid in bed, the same moving frames playing over and over again in my mind. I saw myself running, panting, falling. Flat on the ground, completely expressionless. ...

A spin on the traditional Uncle Sam Army recruitment poster, the vikings mascot encourages students to participate in homecoming.

Editorial: Creating a more supportive Homecoming environment

Epic Staff November 7, 2022

From skits and dances to backdrops and planter decorations, class officers, Homecoming leaders and participants spend months preparing for Lynbrook’s most extravagant event of the year. However, lack...

A comic depicting students carrying over pandemic-era study habits back with them into in-person learning. Graphic illustration by Sarah Zhang.

Academic pursuit in a post pandemic classroom

Sarah Zhang, Staffer November 7, 2022

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, some teachers supported distracted students with accommodations including lighter course loads, extensions for late work and adjusted expectations overall. Although...

A donkey and elephant, representative of the two major political parties duke it out in a game of tug of war over local school board campaign signs. Graphic Illustration by Apurva Krishnamurthy and Inaaya Yousuf.

Partisan politics’ latest casualty: School Boards

Apurva Krishnamurthy and Myles Kim November 7, 2022

School boards are meant to be nonpartisan and voice the community’s opinions to improve their schools. Yet in practice, they have transformed into ideological battlegrounds. From banning Critical Race...

On the left, a real mugshot of Jeffrey Dahmer, on the right, his doppelganger in the new 10 episode Netflix series: Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story which has garnered over 200 million watch hours to date. Graphic illustration by Myles Kim.

The exploitative nature of biopics

Surya Saraf, Copy Editor November 7, 2022

Biopics present dramatized displays of influential figures, meant to inform viewers about those who have had a significant impact on society. But how well-intentioned are these “contemporary lessons?”...

Looking at religious views on Lynbrooks campus.

Exploring religious diversity on campus

Anushka Anand, Managing Editor November 7, 2022

Many American teenagers rarely observe religious behavior in their schools, and a majority say they rarely or never discuss religion with friends. The religious beliefs of many students are still maintained,...

Apple sitting on top of a pile of discarded electronics, as consumers drone mindlessly towards the Apple Store to buy the latest new shiny IPhone and discard the old.

Pushing back on planned obsolescence

Calvin Zhou, Staffer October 10, 2022

Whenever a new iPhone comes out, Instagram feeds are flooded with “Holding my new baby” posts. For some, upgrading to the newest version is like gifting themselves a new toy. However, a growing portion...

A post it note, covered in elegant doodles, taped to graph paper with washi tape, preaching satirical advice.

Romanticizing school perpetuates unrealistic productivity standards

Lilly Wu, Opinion Editor October 10, 2022

Romanticizing school, a catch-all term used to describe the use of aesthetically pleasing school supplies, preppy outfits and idealistic study habits, has gained attention for the toxic mindsets perpetrated...

Staffer Maple Leung poses to take a BeReal, to demonstrate the inherent performativity of the app.

Can you really be real on BeReal?

Maple Leung, Staffer October 10, 2022

No filters, no time to cover a zit and definitely not enough time to put on a trendy outfit. BeReal, dubbed the “anti-Instagram” app, has sprung into popularity and aims to create an authentic user...

Students minding their own buisness while browsing the web together, while a mysterious figure stalks over them from behind blinds as to be surveilling them.

Editorial: Securly sparks debate about student privacy

Epic Staff October 10, 2022

The recent implementation of the internet filter Securly in FUHSD schools has raised concerns among students regarding their online privacy. Uncertainty and discomfort surrounding the security of students’...

Larry holding up a banana he got from the lunch lines unclaimed bin, his means of fighting Lynbrooks food waste epidemic

How school fruit has me fullfilled

Larry Wang, Staffer October 10, 2022

Abandoned and neglected in overflowing bins of grapes, baby carrots and raw broccoli bags, healthy snack options often sit untouched as students avoid the salad bar on their way out of the cafeteria during...

Jason, wearing his hiking gear that he used to backpack the El Camino de Santiago.

One million steps across El Camino de Santiago

Jason Shan, Web Editor October 10, 2022

A stone’s throw away from the Atlantic Ocean and on the sharp crags of Cape Finisterre, Spain, stands a solitary boot cemented into the rough-hewn surface. It is relatively unnoticeable to most: its...

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