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The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

Entrance to the quad includes both stairs and an accessible ramp.

Editorial: Including students with disabilities

Epic Staff May 3, 2022

Ableism is defined as “discrimination in favor of able-bodied people.” Personal and systemic ableism is frequently witnessed throughout most high schools, including Lynbrook, and needs to be addressed...

I consume media mainly to escape the dull routine of my daily life.

The art of creating problems by running away

Myles Kim, Editor-in-Chief May 3, 2022

The incessant noise that often fills my head with doubts and carries my pessimistic attitude towards life is briefly lost in the wind as I ride out my fantasies as an outlaw during America's gilded age...

A person’s appearance should not matter in the workplace — only their skills truly matter.

Why does appearance matter in the workplace?

Jasmine Rihal, Social Media Manager May 3, 2022

In a majority of professional environments, there has been evident prejudice against those with tattoos, brightly dyed hair and afros. But a person’s appearance should not matter in the workplace —...

Snapchat’s optimistic mission is masked by users’ compulsive desires to maintain streaks and to illustrate a perfect life.

Snapchat: Fostering friendships or competition?

Susanna Tang, Editor-in-Chief May 3, 2022

Approximately 319 million users every day tap on the iconic white ghost centered within a yellow box to reply to a friend’s “snap” — a picture or short video. Snapchat’s mission is to “empower...

Elton John, Young Thug, Billy Porter, Bad Bunny, and Stray Kids are just a few of the prominent trailblazers of androgynous fashion.

Harry Styles isn’t the epitome of androgynous fashion

Lina Mezerreg, Staffer May 3, 2022

Fashion has long been a form of self-expression, but as androgynous or gender non-conforming fashion begins to enter the mainstream, public figures have often received polarizing media attention for their...

I still have a long way to reach that point in my life where I can discard what other people think, but I’m slowly changing my attitude.

“What will people say?”

Neha Ayyer, In-Depth Editor May 3, 2022

I looked in awe at my mother getting dressed for a party in traditional Indian clothes, jewelry and makeup. It was expected of me to dress similarly, but I couldn’t help feeling that it simply wasn’t...

Lynbrook students have expressed varying opinions on the purpose of driving in high school and whether it’s necessary.

Driving into a new world of independence

Sruthi Medepalli, Copy Editor May 3, 2022

As Lynbrook students hurry to class, they’re greeted by a procession of student drivers rushing to get the best parking spots. As the final class bell rings, a similar herd of students run to their cars...

Many goals outlined in campaigns are often not even pursued once candidates are elected.

ASB election promises are often unachievable

Sophie Au, Design Editor April 5, 2022

Colorful graphics and slogans fill students’ social media feeds during election season. To appeal to voters, candidates set glittering promises and lofty visions. While some goals are achieved, many...

What are Lynbrook students’ opinions on whether to mask or not to mask?

To mask or not to mask?

Ria Phelan, Business/PR Manager April 5, 2022

Despite FUHSD lifting the mask mandate on March 11, most Lynbrook students have chosen to keep their masks on. What are Lynbrook students’ opinions on whether to mask or not to mask?  “I continue...

The inequitable coverage and difference in government responses are not easily simplified, but are at least partly a result of western double standards and racism, desensitization, a comparative lack of civil society as well as self-interest.

Is the media coverage of Ukraine unfair?

Jason Shan and Deeksha Raj April 5, 2022

The age-old institution of war — which recently ignited ardent public outcry due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine — has in fact been an ongoing conflict for decades even prior to the invasion. The...

Chess is often viewed as just a simple board game; for me, more involvement in the chess community helped me realize that it is a sport even if it is not physically demanding.

Chess: The king of mental sports

Anirudh Seshadri, Managing Editor April 5, 2022

Magnus Carlsen received a standing ovation after winning a brilliant fight against reigning World Chess Champion Vishwanathan Anand. Carlsen secured his title as the new champion with a grueling draw in...

One of the best ways to support gender nonconforming students is by respecting pronouns and names.

Editorial: Take steps to affirm pronouns

Epic Staff April 5, 2022

Amid rising tensions surrounding Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill barring sexual and gender orientation topics from being discussed in schools, it is more important than ever to ensure that Lynbrook’s...

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