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Letter from the Web Editors

Welcome to, the online platform for Lynbrook High School’s student newspaper! the Epic provides coverage of local events, offers student opinions on issues ranging from local to national levels and features a variety of community members. We strive to serve as a voice for Lynbrook students, parents and staff members through our publication. 

Due to COVID-19, we will not be publishing a monthly print newspaper, as we did in previous years, for the time being. All stories will be published exclusively on our website, along with a variety of accompanying photos and graphics. You can also view stories from previous years on our website and on Issuu, where you can read the stories in their original print layout. 

We are working harder than ever to provide the Lynbrook community with the most recent, relevant news, and we hope that you will find content from the Epic informative and enlightening.

If you would like to suggest a story idea or ask us any questions, contact us here.

Thank you so much for visiting our website!


Diana Kohr and Priyanka Anand

2020-21 Web Editors


Do we really need awards to show how, well, epic we are?
In any case…

2020 SNO Distinguished Sites Badge
2019 CSPA Gold Medalist
2018 ASPA First Place Award
2018 JEA/NSPA Best of Show Tenth Place Award
2017 ASPA First Place Award
2017 Best of the West Newspaper Third Place Award
2011 CSPA Gold Medal
2011 NSPA All American Award, 4 Marks of Distinction
2009 JEA/NSPA Pacemaker Winner
2008 JEA/NSPA Pacemaker Finalist

Mission Statement

the Epic is an open forum created by and for the students of Lynbrook High School. In order to serve our readers, the staff of the Epic seeks to report on events, issues and ideas relevant to the Lynbrook community in a professional, accurate, unbiased and thorough manner. the Epic strives to provide a full opportunity for all students, staff and community members to inquire, question and exchange ideas. Therefore, its content reflects all areas of student interest, including topics which may be controversial. the Epic maintains the highest ethical standards with regard to fairness, personal and legal rights, responsibilities and accuracy based on the Code of Ethics created by the Society of Professional Journalists.Further, the Epic maintains the highest technical standards in accordance with AP (Associated Press) style. The content of the Epic is not subject to prior review of any kind. 

View the Epic’s editorial policies here.