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As the years pass, more students are beginning to take advantage of the opportunities that community college courses offer.
Concurrent enrollment at community colleges spikes in fall quarter
Allison Hsieh November 4, 2020

In the past, many students have taken community college courses on Lynbrook’s campus and on the campuses of various community colleges. Although community college courses...

In the presence of fake news, the brain struggles to distinguish between what is true and what is false.
Flattening the curve of fake news
Emma Cionca and Emma Constable November 4, 2020

The media has evolved to become the public’s largest source of information. Especially in recent years, people have become increasingly aware of fake news, though it is...

Why should swing states weigh so much more than safe states?
The eroding, expired Electoral College
Renee Ge and Sharlene Chen November 4, 2020

The Electoral College needs to go. It’s outdated, wastes votes, lowers turnout, gives a select few states complete control over the outcome of the election and does not...

My version of happiness had been superficial and one dimensional, but I’ve come to recognize that genuine happiness can’t exist without an understanding of other emotions as well.
Positivity unmasked
Kavya Iyer November 4, 2020
Various aspects of TikTok, the social media platform taking the Internet by storm.
The drawbacks of TikTok
Katie Chen November 4, 2020
Gao takes photos of various wildlife in different environments using her photography equipment.
Capturing the moment: Senior Carol Gao’s wildlife photography
Sophie Au November 4, 2020

Crouched down on a kayak with a five-pound camera lens, senior Carol Gao observes as birds fly nearby and occasionally swoop down to the lake’s surface. She snaps a photo,...

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