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Fulk retires as DECA adviser after 9 years
Fulk retires as DECA adviser after 9 years
Youqi Huang May 7, 2021

After nine years as DECA’s adviser, computer science teacher Brad Fulk will be leaving his role as adviser next year to make time for personal endeavors, including pursuing...

While the model minority myth highlights the academically and financially successful side of Asian Americans, it casts a shadow on the less successful side of the spectrum that is felt by all minorities.
Model minority: The stigma around the success
Amy Liu and Sruthi Medepalli April 21, 2021

Hardworking, smart and obedient. The picture that enters the mind of an average American upon hearing the word “Asian” has changed throughout history, ultimately creating...

Hundreds of people gathered in front of the Saratoga City Hall to protest AAPI hate on March 27, holding signs with powerful messages like the one pictured above.
Acknowledging the complexity of our Asian American experience
Epic Staff May 7, 2021

At Lynbrook, one of the most predominantly Asian high schools in the country, the recent surge in anti-Asian hate crimes has hit heavily. Many feel shocked, fearful or angry...

Ronald Sit pursues his interests in art and film throughout high school.
Down the rabbit hole: Ronald Sit’s pursuits in art and film
Lillian Fu April 21, 2021

Whether it be inking an original piece or directing a scene, junior Ronald Sit’s high school experience is defined by his creative explorations. As a young artist, Sit runs...