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Lynbrook choirs sing “Ukukholwa” (faith) as their portion of “Ukuthula”.
Lynbrook choir attends virtual concert AVoice4Peace
Amy Liu October 7, 2020

In honor of the International Day of Peace, choirs around the world gathered on Sep. 21 to sing Ukuthula, a traditional South African hymn of peace. AVoice4Peace is a world-wide...

Exploring filial piety in Asian cultures
Exploring filial piety in Asian cultures
Shamita Gurusu and Lillian Fu October 7, 2020

Commonly practiced in Asian families, filial piety consists of the virtues of respect, obedience and supportive care given to one’s ancestors and elder family members. It...

A genocide’s a genocide, no matter the size
A genocide’s a genocide, no matter the size
Lina Mezerreg October 7, 2020

Social media is extremely useful in bringing to light serious issues, especially since word of mouth is no longer viable due to the coronavirus shelter-in-place. Recently,...

Ouyang will play golf at UCLA in the fall of 2022.
A tee-riffic choice: Junior Anton Ouyang verbally commits to UCLA Golf
Sophie Au October 7, 2020

Looking through his family photo books, junior Anton Ouyang sees photos of him as a toddler, holding a golf club in his hands. He began golf as soon as he could walk, and...