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The eroding, expired Electoral College

Why should swing states weigh so much more than safe states?
November 4, 2020

The Electoral College needs to go. It’s outdated, wastes votes, lowers turnout, gives a select few states complete control over the outcome of the election and does not accurately reflect the will of...

Positivity unmasked

My version of happiness had been superficial and one dimensional, but I’ve come to recognize that genuine happiness can’t exist without an understanding of other emotions as well.
November 4, 2020

I stared at myself in the mirror, ashamed of the ashy-grey tear stains on my cheeks. In the safety of the empty school bathroom, I splashed cold water on my face to erase any evidence of the smudges and...

The unwritten rules of politics for women

Stylized portraits of Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are centered on a pink background. Negative quotes from political opponents surround them.
November 4, 2020

Social media was in an uproar over the vice presidential debate between Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence. To Republicans, Pence's uncompromising mettle showed his authority. To Democrats,...

The Westernized “Other”: Cultural appropriation in the media

In many productions by Western creators, cultures are commonly copied without appreciation or respect for the culture.
November 4, 2020

Worldbuilding in the lore of movies, films and shows is key to the creation of many fictional favorites, such as “Star Wars”, “Avatar” and “Game of Thrones”. As Western media begins to include...

The drawbacks of TikTok

Various aspects of TikTok, the social media platform taking the Internet by storm.
November 4, 2020

The past decade has seen platforms like Vine and YouTube become overnight sensations, and the social media app TikTok is no exception. TikTok has become a lucrative platform in pop culture, made apparent...

Editorial: Commending FUHSD’s decision on remote learning

November 4, 2020

While adjusting to a virtual classroom, students and teachers alike have faced challenges during remote learning. Students have had less engagement with peers, while teachers have had to support students...

Social media: Is it worth the risks?

My paranoia of leaving a carbon footprint has kept me from posting on social media.
November 4, 2020

In the age of social media, teenagers are stereotyped as heads-down, hoods-up, twiddling their thumbs over the screens in their hands. In part, this does stem from the truth — social media has consumed...

Biden should be judged on policy, not stutter

Biden should be judged on policy, not stutter
November 3, 2020

Many concerns over the presidential candidates have come up throughout their campaigns and into the current election. One of them is about Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who is constantly questioned on...

Idolizing politicians: The destruction of democracy

A crowd stares adoringly at a godlike politician with horrible qualities.
October 30, 2020

Throughout history, idolizing major political figures and parties has led countries down paths of destruction and dictatorship. In the most extreme example, as Adolf Hitler rose to prominence in Nazi Germany,...

A genocide’s a genocide, no matter the size

A genocide’s a genocide, no matter the size
October 7, 2020

Social media is extremely useful in bringing to light serious issues, especially since word of mouth is no longer viable due to the coronavirus shelter-in-place. Recently, the Uyghur genocide in China,...

Early AP Registration hurts student performance

Early AP exam registration disproportionately impacts low income students, with it’s far reaching consequences ultimately harming students regardless of socioeconomic status.
October 7, 2020

The College Board moved registration from Spring to mid-November for the 2019-20 AP exams in an attempt to boost student performance, aiming to inspire students to apply themselves in their classes because...

Editorial: Guidelines on Wednesdays, deadlines, class time necessary for remote learning

Students are swamped on Wednesdays with homework, extracurricular activities and club meetings.
October 7, 2020

Students and teachers alike have struggled to adapt to remote learning. To support students, a school-wide set of guidelines to clarify the expectations of Wednesday asynchronous time would help students,...

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