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The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

While there are no solid plans set in stone yet, its important for the district to look more into alternatives before making a final decision.

Editorial: District should consider alternatives to turf

Epic Staff November 6, 2023

At Lynbrook, both the stadium and Stober field are due for renewal. Among the district’s other plans for renovation, replacing turf fields with new artificial turf has raised concerns in the community...

Despite the lack of practical value of blind box collectibles, these figurines bring joy to collectors who are willing to spend money on them.

Are the blind box collectibles money draining or worth gaining?

Rohan Kakhandiki, Staffer November 6, 2023

Blind box collectibles — small figurines inside windowless boxes — have been popular among teenagers for many years. The anticipation comes from not knowing what’s inside the box while opening it....

Recently, older politicians have dominated the world of politics. The current average age of a member of Congress is 59 years old, an all-time high.

Senior leaders: placing a cap on the ages of politicians

Vihaan Patel, Staffer November 6, 2023

If the average person retires in their 60s, why don’t politicians? Recently, older politicians have dominated the world of politics, using their resources and experience to win over younger candidates....

Robert bonds with his grandmother through origami folding despite their language barrier.

Unfolding dreams

Robert Yu, Staffer November 6, 2023

According to Japanese folklore, it is believed that by folding a thousand paper cranes, a person’s dreams would be granted. This is known as “Senbazuru,” a superstition that has inspired since the...

Throughout her life, Claire has grown as an individual both separate from and along with her twin Chelsea.

My twin and me

Claire Guo, Staffer November 6, 2023

For the longest time, I came in twos. Two matching pink dresses, the label hand-embroidered with L and H: CHelsea and CLaire. Two Elsa costumes for Halloween, a set, the polyester showering blue glitter...

Over the years, the meaning of art has changed from classical art to with limiting rules to more open-minded demonstrations of beauty.

Drawing the line between art and abstraction

Amanda Jin, Staffer November 6, 2023

Classical art From the ancient Greeks and Romans, classical art became prominent, and it continued to influence art produced in the following centuries while becoming the standard. For this style, there...

Without the addition of mandatory pre-K to TK, young children miss out on the developmental stage of fostering relationships, develop important social skills and improve executive functioning.

Universal pre-K encourages equitable education opportunities

Charlotte Bolay and Irene Hwang October 10, 2023

The Universal Pre-Kindergarten program guaranteeing access to public transitional kindergarten in California will take effect by the 2025-26 school year, providing free TK and improving the quality of...

Many students and teachers are unaware of where the animals they use in dissection labs actually come from.

Dissecting the dark truth behind dissection labs

David Zhu, Staffer October 10, 2023

Every year, millions of preserved specimens ranging from frogs to cats are brought into science classrooms for students to learn more about animal anatomy. However, behind all the eager faces of teachers...

Companies are constantly innovating new environmentally-friendly products, which distracts people from the actual problem of climate change.

The hidden faults behind our efforts to “go green”

Erin Fitzpatrick, Staffer October 10, 2023

Innovators are constantly pushing out new green technology with promises of reducing carbon footprint. But when trying to reach net-zero carbon emissions, small actions won’t make the cut. With threats...

Color blindness can often be overlooked in educational settings, but students should not be afraid to speak up about any learning accommodations they need.

Editorial: Opening students’ eyes to colorblindness

Epic Staff October 10, 2023

Picture an American history class full of eager students learning about the 13 original colonies of the United States. The teacher tasks them with color coding the different regions on a map using a set...

Companies are constantly innovating new environmentally-friendly products, which distracts people from the actual problem of climate change.

Is the Westgate West Costco worth the chaos?

Alex Cotterel, Staffer October 10, 2023

The plan for a Costco to be built at the Westgate West shopping center has been pending for over a year, and its approval or denial by the city of San Jose draws closer, a decision that could affect the...

Emily finds happiness in enjoying the small moments of life, even if its as small as a cup of coffee.

Coffee shop survival crash course

Emily Pedroza, Features Editor October 10, 2023

Amber light seeps from windows, smiling faces shaded by olive branches that sway with wind and coffee-house jazz music. I’m writing this column during my 15-minute break, honey lemon tea nursed in one...

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