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The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

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The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

Jason, wearing his hiking gear that he used to backpack the El Camino de Santiago.

One million steps across El Camino de Santiago

Jason Shan October 10, 2022

A stone’s throw away from the Atlantic Ocean and on the sharp crags of Cape Finisterre, Spain, stands a solitary boot cemented into the rough-hewn surface. It is relatively unnoticeable to most: its...

Student views on the schedule change

Student views on the schedule change

Ashley Huang October 10, 2022

Senate Bill 328, signed by Governor Gavin Newsom in 2019, which prohibits California public high schools and middle schools from starting school earlier than 8:30 a.m, has led to the implementation of...

Having a registered school nurse available on Lynbrooks campus would greatly benefit the student body and raise the schools health standards. (Graphic illustration by Susanna Tang.)

FUHSD schools need more school nurses

From mere splinters to intense migraines, students' health emergencies that occur during school hours are often treated with limited medical attention due to the absence of a trained and licensed nurse...

Battling insecurities by balancing hormones

Battling insecurities by balancing hormones

Anushka Anand May 26, 2022

Before buying clothes for a new school year, I found myself constantly choosing items that were a size larger than my body in an attempt to conceal my shape. These were also the clothes that I got complimented...

Beginning on April 11, the defamation trial between divorced actors Depp and Heard has been playing out.

Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard highlights domestic abuse

Amy Liu May 26, 2022

Note: This story contains references to content that may be triggering for those who have experienced trauma or are sensitive to topics concerning domestic violence.   “Tell the world, Johnny...

Lynbrook’s AP teachers that teach the same course should collaborate to further align their curriculum so that all students have generally the same preparation for the exam.

Editorial: Improving and de-stressing AP courses

Epic Staff May 26, 2022

Late April signifies the beginning of frantic studying for upcoming Advanced Placement tests, when students can be overly burdened by the AP courses they chose to take. These stressors often negatively...

If Feinstein has experienced the decline of old age, she should take it upon herself to step down.

Who determines if you’re fit to sit?

Ria Phelan May 26, 2022

As our society progresses and develops new ideas, the question of who should be leading our governments and what qualifications they should have arises. Politicians such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have...

The problem of perfection(ism)

The problem of perfection(ism)

Crystal Qian May 26, 2022

Perfection. A word that pervades modern society. What do you associate with perfection? Exquisite penmanship, immaculate rooms, straight A’s? Many believe perfectionism is good. I once did too. Today,...

So what do I say? What will I do? Who am I to be?

Hi, I’m Bennie?

Bennie Chang May 26, 2022

You’ve heard the importance of first impressions, right? That people decide in the first seven seconds if they like you or not. That changing an initial perception is extremely, extremely difficult. So...

Most of all, I remember, through all the papercuts, misaligned holes and empty staplers, my ambition to win the most prestigious accolades.

The beauty and truth in the ordinary

Elliu Huang May 26, 2022

On my Ikea Billy bookcase rests 61 notebooks and 37 binders. I remember the lazy summer mornings, practicing completing the square from an algebra workbook in one of my many notebooks. I remember the dim...

Sometimes, you just want to feel understood and normal.

So…what is my major?

Sharlene Chen May 26, 2022

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”  “An artist!”  Throughout elementary school, that was my instinctive response. I knew I liked the freedom offered by a blank canvas and the satisfaction...

As summer approaches, social media platforms are flooding with content related toward achieving the ideal ‘summer body.’

Is the ‘Summer Body’ trend toxic?

Audrey Sun May 26, 2022

As summer approaches, social media platforms are flooding with content related toward achieving the ideal ‘summer body’: a term that implies that bodies need to look a certain way in order to enjoy...