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The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The recent influx of test flu has led to absences on test days, disrupting the learning environment and delaying teacher schedules.

Editorial: Fighting the newest outbreak: test flu

Epic Staff May 20, 2024

The phone rings in the main office — another absence call for a supposedly sick student. Coincidentally, multiple teachers are giving tests on that day. Spikes in absences on days when tests are administered...

At the FUHSD Earth Day Event, students taught one another about environmental and health literacy and emphasized campus sustainability.

Editorial: Campus sustainability should not stop with students

Epic Staff April 29, 2024

From anti-waste measures in FUHSD food service to the district Climate Collective’s recycling initiative, numerous endeavors from FUHSD and student groups have made strides toward greener campuses in...

When making decisions, there are many factors that class officers may consider that other students may not realize.

Editorial: The importance of empathy for class officers

Epic Staff, Staffer April 1, 2024

From behind-the-scenes projects to class-wide events, class officers are the backbone of making plans a reality. They represent the voice of the student community by generating ideas, organizing events...

Lynbrooks support and promotion for programs such as the Job Shadow helps students explore more unconventional career paths.

Editorial: Encouraging the exploration of post-secondary pathways

Epic Staff March 11, 2024

Exploring career options beyond purely academic pursuits is a crucial aspect of a well-rounded education that nurtures creativity, communication and critical thinking. While all of these traits are important...

Out of the options presented at the board meeting, the district should choose to pursue the second option: phasing out one world language class from each FUHSD school besides Lynbrook and Homestead High School.

Editorial: District should preserve world language classes

Epic Staff December 11, 2023

Following a period of deliberation, during the Nov. 7 meetings the FUHSD board announced their updated proposals concerning the future of the schools’ world language courses amid declining enrollment.....

While there are no solid plans set in stone yet, its important for the district to look more into alternatives before making a final decision.

Editorial: District should consider alternatives to turf

Epic Staff November 6, 2023

At Lynbrook, both the stadium and Stober field are due for renewal. Among the district’s other plans for renovation, replacing turf fields with new artificial turf has raised concerns in the community...

Color blindness can often be overlooked in educational settings, but students should not be afraid to speak up about any learning accommodations they need.

Editorial: Opening students’ eyes to colorblindness

Epic Staff October 10, 2023

Picture an American history class full of eager students learning about the 13 original colonies of the United States. The teacher tasks them with color coding the different regions on a map using a set...

Trash such as leftover food and empty water bottles are often found on Lynbrooks campus due to student negligence.

Editorial: Cleaning up our act to create a cleaner campus

Epic Staff June 2, 2023

As the lunch bell rings, it’s hard to miss the trash left behind in the scramble to get to classes: disposable lunch trays, clamshell salad cartons and food wrappers litter the campus, often still filled...

Lynbrook students play games, read and cartwheel, oblivious to the roaring fire blazing behind them. Graphic illustration by Anushka Anand and Lilly Wu.

Editorial: Bomb threat or not, It’s no laughing matter.

Epic Staff May 8, 2023

On the morning of April 11, Lynbrook faculty identified a potential bomb threat that resulted in the cancellation of the rest of the school day and forced numerous students to leave their belongings in...

A student walks towards the Japanese Classroom at Lynbrook, only to be surprised when opening the door to find a brick wall and caution tape. Students and teachers were excluded from the decision making process and the district should be more transparent in the future.

Editorial: District neglects community input

Epic Staff April 10, 2023

District leaders failed to include teachers and students in the decision making process regarding their preliminary plans to remove all level four World Language classes and the smallest language program...

Theater masks, painting materials and a trumpet are symbols of creative art electives offered at Lynbrook that have been affected by declining enrollment.

Editorial: Supporting school elective programs

Epic Staff March 10, 2023

While Lynbrook hosts many opportunities for students to build and showcase talents in creative elective courses, many engage in outside organizations rather than their in-school counterparts. Although...

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot capable of generating humanlike text, working computer code and more in a wide range of styles and lengths.

Editorial: A controversial chat on ChatGPT

Epic Staff February 6, 2023

As the popularity of artificial intelligence chatbots has risen, so too have concerns surrounding the ethics and risks of AI’s presence in educational environments. Created by OpenAI, an artificial intelligence...