Passing the torch: seniors give their best advice to underclassmen

Graduating seniors of the class of 2023 leave behind their words of wisdom for their underclassmen.

Graphic Illustration by Alyssa Wang and Lilly Wu.

Graduating seniors of the class of 2023 leave behind their words of wisdom for their underclassmen.

Larry Wang, Staffer

With the Class of 2023 graduating, seniors are reflecting on their transformative journey and the valuable lessons they’ve learned along the way. Here are some of their inspiring insights and life lessons, reminding underclassmen that there is no one way to walk the path of Lynbrook.

Aneesha Jobi, Senior: “I’d recommend getting your driver’s license as soon as possible. Personally, I found driving to be cathartic while running errands alone and exciting when driving with friends! Driving is a great way to take a break from Lynbrook’s stress culture.”


Brian Ling, Senior: “One thing that helped me manage my time while simultaneously balancing self care was meditating for 20 minutes every morning before school. Meditation was really helpful for me because it cleared my head. As the day progressed, I felt more awake and more productive. Meditation, everyone!”


Antone Jung, Senior: “I always brew and bring with me a bottle of black tea wherever I go. It especially helps me get through a long school day, because micro-dosing on caffeine has the effect of keeping me awake without making me overly energetic. In general, I’d recommend tea over coffee for the high school student because it’s healthier and still provides a moderate energy boost!”

Anishka Banerjee, Senior: “Take the time to invest in your personal relationships more, particularly with your parents. As you mature in high school and hit your senior year, you begin to realize the time you spend with your family is quickly dwindling, and that you’ll leave them the next year when going off to college and starting your adult life.”

Kylie Chang, Senior: “In my senior year of high school, I started to notice the staff at Lynbrook who work so hard for us but often go under appreciated. Since then, I’ve befriended the Lynbrook custodian and crossing guard. I think a meaningful way to connect with the school is to appreciate the staff, as it helps to have a support system at Lynbrook that consists of teachers, counselors and other mentors.”

Christina Cheng, Senior: “Figure out what works for you personally when it comes to researching college and career options. It’s easier to feel pressured into what is conventionally seen as acceptable at Lynbrook and steer yourself toward a certain path, but it’s more important to find something you would genuinely enjoy studying.”