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The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

Class of 2005 alumnus Spencer Trinwith is a rising actor and director who has appeared in works such as “Law & Order” and “Wonder Woman: 1984.”

Alumnus Spencer Trinwith: Lynbrook drama to Hollywood talent

Anusha Kothari, Editor-in-Chief May 27, 2021

“Law & Order,” “Wonder Woman: 1984” and “King of K Street” are just a few of the works Class of 2005 alumnus Spencer Trinwith has lent his creative talents to as a rising actor and director....

From a sit down home cooked meal to convenient packaged pastries, breakfast items evolve to fit our lifestyle.

The rise of breakfast

Audrey Wong and Ethan Lee May 27, 2021

With the plethora of sugary, carbohydrate-packed, grab-and-go breakfast choices that claim to be “healthy,” sit-down meals with family seem to be vestiges of the past.  During the Middle Ages,...

A viking helmet picturing the continents of North America and Asia, symbolizing the diversity and history of Lynbrooks Asian history

Taking a look at Lynbrook’s Asian history

Ron Aich and Lina Mezerreg May 26, 2021

It is no secret that Lynbrook is an Asian-majority campus. 84% of all Lynbrook students are of Asian descent, and the second-highest racial group are Caucasians, who make up just over 7% of the population....

In addition to his coaching duties, Coach Jake White, who had a long career as a runner himself, often shares light-hearted stories of his experiences with his track and cross country runners.

Tracking Coach Jake’s long running and coaching career

Melissa Chen, Writer May 26, 2021

A gray van parked near the Lynbrook track is a familiar sight on a typical afternoon in the fall and spring. Those not involved in cross country and track and field may not know the van belongs to Coach...

CUSD and FUHSD cover a wide range of topics in compliance with the CHYA. However, the act excludes LGBTQ+ topics in depth.

Editorial: FUHSD and CUSD sexual education program lacks in LGBTQ+ topics

Epic Staff May 26, 2021

FUHSD and CUSD provide sexual education for seventh and ninth graders, in compliance with state policy. However, while the state program lauds itself for promoting safe sex and inclusivity, the curriculum...

A photo of the author’s comfort food, her mother’s one-pot meal: one fried egg, two bowls of rice and three ladles of rasam

One fried egg, two bowls of rice & three ladles of tomato broth

Shamita Gurusu, Business/PR Manager May 26, 2021

A pink thermos. My pink thermos. Oh, what would it have in it today? Pizza bagels, maybe pesto pasta or even some zesty fried rice! I hurriedly unscrew the lid, and, as the thermos pops open, out comes...

Listen to learn more about Ayanna!

Freshman feature: Ayanna Beberg

Diana Kohr, Web Editor May 26, 2021

Welcome to the second podcast in our freshman feature podcast series! Today, we're going to get to know Ayanna Beberg, a member of Lynbrook's cheer team and an active participant in several Lynbrook clubs. 

Videos of racial abuse are being shared all over social media.

Briefly shocking bloody images result in shockingly brief reforms

Jason Shan, Web Editor May 26, 2021

Social media platforms are marred by the presence of images and videos of violence. While tapping through Instagram stories, one will inevitably encounter gruesome or disturbing visual media: people of...

A photo of the authors comfort food

Jajangmyeon: simple and tasty

Ethan Lee, Writer May 26, 2021

Deliciously bouncy noodles, savory sauce, soft potatoes and crunchy vegetables make up the dish I will miss most once I leave home for college. Coming home after a long day of school or basketball practice,...

A photo of the authors comfort food

Hotpot: a meal of family and unity

Claire Chiu, Writer May 26, 2021

I remember my first Thanksgiving. Unlike Snoopy and Woodstock’s, mine had no pecan pie, mashed potatoes or even the famous turkey. My parents grew up in poverty and were fascinated by the world of glorious...

At Lynbrook, 252 meals have been donated, and 303 pounds of leftover food have been diverted from the landfill. (Graphic Illustration by Elliu Huang and Emma Cionca.)

The positive impact of Lynbrook’s leftover meals

Anirudh Seshadri and Elliu Huang May 26, 2021

Following the reopening of schools and in-person instruction, students returning to in-person learning have had the option to collect free meals during brunch and lunch. However, not everyone has taken...

Although the pandemic has forced me to transition from dancing late nights at the studio to a confined space at home,  it has also led me to reevaluate and rediscover my passion for ballet.

Reclaiming my love for ballet

Emma Constable, Staffer May 26, 2021

“Stop,” my ballet teacher interjected, abruptly turning off the music. I felt my heart sink, knowing she was going to tell me off for doing something wrong.  “Emma, you can’t just stand there...