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Jajangmyeon: simple and tasty

Deliciously bouncy noodles, savory sauce, soft potatoes and crunchy vegetables make up the dish I will miss most once I leave home for college. Coming home after a long day of school or basketball practice, a bowl of jajangmyeon was the only thing needed to put a smile on my face. My mother has made this dish at least once a week since my childhood, and it has been one of my favorite comfort foods. 

To make the dish, I first gathered the necessary ingredients. The ingredients may vary, but my variation of the jajangmyeon includes noodles, onions, chili peppers, bok choy, green onions and black bean sauce.

Next, I boiled the noodles since that takes the longest time — around ten minutes. Once the noodles had been boiling for around six minutes, I stir fried the onions and chili peppers. As soon as the noodles were  done, I mixed the noodles and black bean sauce into the pan with the onions and chili peppers, letting them heat up for a couple minutes while mixing continuously. I then garnished the noodles with some green onions on top, and  the dish was basically complete.  

This simple bowl of noodles took less than 20 minutes to make, but it still tasted like a restaurant-quality dish. I highly suggest you try it, whether it is homemade or at a restaurant.

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