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After finding myself drifting away from my friends from months of texting, I’ve realized that calling is a better way to stay connected.

Calling: The way to stay connected

Amy Liu January 24, 2021

I was elated. Lynbrook had just announced halfway into fourth period that schools were being shut down to slow the spread of COVID-19. I grinned at my friends, excited we would be taking our classes from...

While many have been focused on the reckless behavior of celebrities, those around us have also been engaging in similar activities.

COVID-19: It’s time to be a shut-in

Anwen Huang December 9, 2020

Partying is an essential part of the influencer lifestyle. For some, a global pandemic is not a reason to stop. Celebrities like the Kardashians, D'Amelios, Bryce Hall and James Charles are just a few...

A clear workspace is closely linked to a clear mind, as each unnecessary object is a potential distraction.

Note-taking, organization and Schoology Plus: Lynbrook students’ study solutions

Diana Kohr November 4, 2020

While posing as a frog, eating tomatoes and only using Times New Roman may be effective study techniques for some students, others are not quite as fortunate with these strange study methods. Rather than...

Workouts from popular fitness trainers Mary Helen Bowers, Pamela Reif and Chloe Ting and their rating out of five stars.

Home workouts for the busy student

Claire Chiu October 7, 2020

Quarantine has made it easy to succumb to a sedentary lifestyle and put off exercise. Scrolling through some old pictures made me realize how out of shape I was. I found a convenient solution to this problem...

QuaranTEEN: What are Lynbrook students doing during lockdown?

QuaranTEEN: What are Lynbrook students doing during lockdown?

Claire Chiu and Alara Dasdan August 17, 2020

As shelter-in-place continues on, bringing drastic changes to every kind of lifestyle, students have been finding new ways to occupy themselves and go about their daily lives. With the choice of heading...

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