QuaranTEEN: What are Lynbrook students doing during lockdown?


Graphic illustration by Claire Chiu and Alara Dasdan

As shelter-in-place continues on, bringing drastic changes to every kind of lifestyle, students have been finding new ways to occupy themselves and go about their daily lives.

Claire Chiu and Alara Dasdan

As shelter-in-place continues on, bringing drastic changes to every kind of lifestyle, students have been finding new ways to occupy themselves and go about their daily lives.

With the choice of heading out limited to only essential shopping outings, students have found solace in social media platforms. Tik Tok has been a popular source for the latest trends and relatable content, such as dances and comedy sketches. Instagram, taking inspiration from Tik Tok, recently released Reels, where users can post short videos. Some trends on Instagram included dance and tag team art challenges. Staying home has brought out the inner chef in Lynbrook students; many have attempted Dalgona coffee, baked bread in the shape of frogs or posted photos online of what they’re cooking up.

Streaming services have also been popular options as movie theaters are closed for the time being. Netflix and Disney+ have continued to release films and shows that keep their members going back for more. Movies that were planned to be released in theaters have been released in digital format to accommodate quarantine. Major streaming service companies have seen an enormous boom in signups, with Netflix earning a 47% increase in subscribers to their already substantial consumer base. Students have had more time to catch up on their favorite media, such as “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and “Hamilton,” both recently released on Netflix and Disney+, respectively.

Despite the difficulties that social distancing and quarantine regulations have imposed on students, Lynbrook students have managed to stay connected with friends and family by regularly hosting Zoom meetings online, going hiking and picnicking. 

“I use the voice call feature on Discord to stay in touch, and occasionally I use Zoom,” junior Cindy He said. “When we do go out, we stick to areas with little to no people.” 

Senior Joycelyn Li has walked numerous hiking routes, picnicked in scenic areas and even went stargazing with her friends. 

“My most memorable experience during lockdown was going on hikes and picnics,” said Li. “I’ve discovered that I actually enjoy early mornings, especially at the ocean or going hiking. There is something so special about those moments.” 

Other students have taken this time to continue their academic interests via online summer programs, remote internships, online community college classes and more.          

During this time period, many have also been active in social justice and efforts to donate to causes they are passionate about. Nonprofits such as the bakery Cookies4AGoodCause and Four Zero Eight Clothing have released popular products with the proceeds being donated to support COVID-19 relief or the Black Lives Matter movement. Claire Lin, the designer of Four Zero Eight Clothing, found the experience rewarding and influential for her future art career.

“A memorable experience was promoting the shirts,” Lin said. “I was emailing a bunch of TikTok famous creators and I was really happy when one of my favorite creators responded and said she would promote my shirt.”

Others have contributed by creating social media platforms advocating for policy changes, educating the public and more. For senior Alex Cheng, founder of Bay Area Uncovered, it has been a busy summer.1

“I’ve been working with the district on an anti racist video, with colleagues on race policies in private schools, working with friends on changing the APUSH curriculum and connecting with professors around the country to gain their support as well,” Cheng said. “I think I’ll miss the amount of time I’ve had to reflect on myself and work to become a better person when quarantine is over. It will be an unwanted peace that will be missed.”

Though we are physically more isolated than ever, students have found ways to connect and stay entertained. Whether it’s hosting Zoom meetings, cooking or participating in activism, students are staying positive and making the most of their summer despite the limited opportunities. These quarantine experiences will be memorable for years to come.