Issue 2: Letter from the Editors

Elena Williams and Anusha Kothari

Dear Readers,

With the election consuming much of our attention last night, we recognize it may be a tumultuous time for many students, staff and the larger community. We hope our second issue gives our readers a chance to relax, or if you’re up to it, an opportunity to learn about various new topics and ideas.

To de-stress, check out our carefully curated study playlist, learn about the history of boba with an interactive timeline and get some inspiration for new outdoor activities in the sports section. With our comprehensive coverage of women in politicsclimate change legislation and the Electoral College, you can continue to remain politically informed on relevant issues. Even though we cannot physically be present at school, stay up to date about campus activities with stories about sports teams returning to in person conditioning and progress on Phase 2 of construction at Lynbrook.

If you missed our coverage of the election, make sure to check out our website ( to read stories about the local elections, the detrimental effects of idolizing politicians and more. Additionally, follow our Instagram (@lhs.epic) and view our 2020 election story highlight to watch election night unfold from various student perspectives. Check out our most recent post to see creative Halloween costumes from fellow Vikings.

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That’s all for now — be kind, be safe, be Epic! We look forward to supporting the Lynbrook community, in any way that we can. 

20-21 Editorial Board