Homecoming: Senior Skit 21-22

The seniors entered the stage with an air of mystery to follow Alice’s journey through Wonderland. Throughout her imaginary voyage, Alice encountered Bixby and Buxbaum from Dr. Seuss; Sharpay, Troy and Gabriella from High School Musical; and professor Minerva McGonagall from Harry Potter. Characters from each world taught her various life lessons, culminating in a battle at Lynbrook, where she defeated an evil version of herself.

At the end of the skit, when Alice announced that Lynbrook would beat Monta Vista at the Homecoming football game, the class of 2022 rushed onto the stage to recite their senior poem and perform their class dance, which was reminiscent of their freshman class dance to “22”, by Taylor Swift.

“Homecoming skit has really emboldened my high school experience,” senior Archana Pisupati said. “I’ve worked on it since freshman year and leading up to the actual performance — all that hard work is what truly matters to me. With what we had, it was truly a magical show. I’m incredibly proud of each and every member of our class; the girls’, co-ed and boys’ dances were all insane, and I honestly get blown away every time I re-watch them. I think it’s safe to say that our senior Homecoming skit was just what we dreamt of.”