Class of 2022 graduation ceremony

Susanna Tang and Elizabeth Cheng

“You faced fear with fortitude, found unity in uncertainty, and with an unyielding determination, you wrote your own story,” graduation speaker Rohil Shah said.

On the morning of Friday, June 3, an excited crowd filled the Lynbrook football stadium, carrying posters, balloons, leis and bouquets of flowers, as the Class of 2022’s 447 graduates filed onto the football field. ASB President Joe Lin began the commencement with a few words of congratulation before handing the microphone to Principal Maria Jackson to honor three retiring teachers — Ms. Rita Korsunsky, Ms. Carol Fong and Ms. Debbie Schmalz.

In his speech, Shah expressed pride for the unique perseverance of his class and urged his peers to seize every moment, as even the normal was never guaranteed. 

Selena Yao instilled confidence in her class, discussing the importance of not judging one another in superficial ways, but instead, focusing on the journey toward achieving one’s goals.

“We are not the class of results,” Yao said. “We are the class of hard work, resilience, kindness, compassion, humility and open-mindedness. We are anything but inadequate.”

As each graduate received their diploma, the audience roared, honking air horns and giving standing ovations. 

To conclude the ceremony, Shailesh Senthil Kumar asked the graduates to close their eyes and reminisce about their journey through high school, from struggling in Chemistry Honors to touching the edge of reality. Afterward, senior choir students sang the alma mater for one last time.

Graduates then performed the turning of the tassels and threw their decorated caps into the air before breaking into smiles and laughter and taking photos with family and friends.