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Masks before the pandemic

Elliu Huang March 17, 2021

 Adobe Spark by Elliu Huang

Lynbrook sports teams adjust to COVID precautions

Sharlene Chen March 17, 2021

 Adobe Spark by Sharlene Chen

While many have been focused on the reckless behavior of celebrities, those around us have also been engaging in similar activities.

COVID-19: It’s time to be a shut-in

Anwen Huang December 9, 2020

Partying is an essential part of the influencer lifestyle. For some, a global pandemic is not a reason to stop. Celebrities like the Kardashians, D'Amelios, Bryce Hall and James Charles are just a few...

As the year comes to a close, we look back on 12 of the weirdest consecutive months on record, in the hopes that none of this will ever happen again.

The year that felt like a decade: 2020 in review

Elena Williams and Mei Corricello December 9, 2020

“3...2...1...Happy New Year! 2020’s going to be a year to remember.” From murder hornets and impeachment trials to nonstop wildfires and the election of the century, 2020 has definitely earned...

Ultimately, Diwali is an opportunity to spend time with loved ones. No matter what goes on in the world, people can always find a way to celebrate their shared culture.

Diwali: Festival of Lights and Family

Claire Chiu December 9, 2020

In November, India set a new world record: 33,000 diyas, or clay lamps, were lit in honor of Diwali, the South Asian festival of lights. They are only a small part of the festivities, though. People decorate...

Regardless of whether election mail is classified as first-class for priority shipping, it is highly advisable for voters everywhere to get their ballots in as soon as possible. With delays still present in the USPS’s delivery system, the sooner ballots are mailed, the better.

USPS and COVID-19 protocol may cause delayed votes

Ria Phelan October 7, 2020

With differing social distancing restrictions across the nation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the turnout for in-person voting this November may be lower than in previous years. President Donald Trump’s...

In the Red Tier, gyms and salons can resume indoors, while other operations, such as movie theaters and indoor dining, remain paused.

COVID-19 updates: Unmasked

Mei Corricello and Crystal Qian October 7, 2020

On Sept. 8, Santa Clara County moved from the Purple Tier to the Red Tier on California’s four-tier COVID-19 ranking system. Although counties in the Red Tier are still deemed areas with substantial...

Workers bag meals at the Cupertino High School cafeteria.

FUHSD extends free meal service to anyone under age 18, no questions asked

Elizabeth Cheng October 7, 2020

Through remote learning, FUHSD has been offering free meal pick ups every Wednesday for any individuals under 18 at Cupertino, Homestead and Fremont High School since Sept. 2. Six days of meals are given...

The pandemic has brought changes to the work life of Lynbrook students.  Some have returned to work while others have been left in uncertainty or found new opportunities.

Lynbrook student jobs — pandemic edition

Anwen Huang October 7, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created hurdles for people all across the world. In particular, the work force has been hit hard, with many people losing jobs or facing the difficult transition to a virtual...

Democratic donkey and Republic elephant staring angrily at each other with masks on.

Liberty, justice and masks for all

Sruthi Medepalli October 7, 2020

Originally mandated to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, masks have become a topic of political debate. Like many other issues, Americans have unnecessarily mixed politics with general welfare...

Computer screens are connected, but not connected at the same time. Some teens fare well at home, but others do not.

Social isolation affects teen social development

Elizabeth Park and Sharlene Chen August 24, 2020

Isolated, scared and unsure — just a few of the emotions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Humans are naturally social. With the COVID-19 crisis calling for social distancing, though, teens are...

Making the difficult transition into high school through a virtual learning environment is an unprecedented challenge for the class of 2024.

The Class of 2024 logs in to Lynbrook

Emma Constable and Anwen Huang August 17, 2020

For the class of 2024, their entrance into high school will be like never before. Without traditional events that foster widespread school spirit and connections among classes, Lynbrook administrators,...

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