• Apr 14 / Boys GolfLynbrook High School - 239, Fremont - 177
  • Apr 12 / Boys BaseballLynbrook High School - 15, Monta Vista - 2
  • Apr 12 / Girls SoftballLynbrook High School - 0, Gunn - 21
  • Apr 8 / Varsity Boys VolleyballLynbrook High School - 3, Saratoga - 1
The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

My dream came true: I went to a BTS concert

Diana Xu November 20, 2019

Section 108, row 17, seat 2. Section 108, row 17, seat 2. This repeated in my head as heartwarming, familiar music rang in my ears. People walked past me. It was all a blur. As I entered the arena, my...

Writer Elliu Huang shares why he chose to not use social media and a smartphone.

Choosing to delay my phone and social media use for the better

Elliu Huang November 11, 2019

At the beginning of class, I always see a room full of faces, dully lit up by blue screens. Saying hello to my friends proves to be a challenge because their monotonous ritual of smirking at a post, double-tapping...

Writer Elena Williams take on Homecoming

Staying home for homecoming

Elena Williams November 6, 2019

Class of 2021, I like you. You’ve got a lot of nice people. You’ve got a lot of my friends. You’ve got a lot of good spirit. But do I like you enough to spend hours after school poring over decorations...

Writer Renee Ge stands with her hand over mouth, symbolizing the silences discussed in both Lulu Wangs movie The Farewell and Ges column.

My Own Farewell

Renee Ge October 2, 2019

When my grandfather was in and out of the hospital for a tumor in his abdomen, my dad dropped everything to spend time with him. I would often come home from school to find out that he had bought another...

I voted sticker

Politics: How young is too young?

Dhriti Iyer and Diana Kohr October 2, 2019

At the end of August 2019, the students of Meyerholz Elementary School received flyers from community members encouraging them to participate in a protest against the Homeless Navigation Center (HNC),...

It is hard for me to see this breakdown as anything except an attempt by Disney to conquer yet another production studio.

Spider-Man: Homeless

Medha Upadhyay October 2, 2019

When Spider-Man fans joked that the next movie in the trilogy would be “Spider-Man: Homeless,” they could not have foreseen the major custody battle that Disney and Sony would undergo over the iconic...

Picture of the Singapore skyline with the headline written across.

Lost in Translation: Redefining what Asian American means to me

Nicole Ong September 10, 2019

When I was younger, my childhood Chinese teacher posed this question to the class: "Which part of China are you from?" The question was not so much where the student was from, but where in China the...

Patricia Wei is pictured holding the novel The Things They Carried by Tim OBrien, where she gained the inspiration for her columns title.

Reflecting on the stories we carry

Patricia Wei August 13, 2019

I want to start off this column by saying that in some ways, I've failed. This column was supposed to be published way back in May, before I graduated, but I never made much progress past the outline stage...

Pictured is Sadhana Sarma, the author of this column.

Cases of fate: failures

Sadhana Sarma, 1569205113:8 July 3, 2019

As my time in high school comes to a close, I am abundantly aware of the phrase “hindsight is 20/20.” For those of you who are underclassmen and feel that things are not going your way, I am here to...

Writing in a tech bubble

Writing in a tech bubble

Elena Williams May 31, 2019

I love my phone. It connects me with my friends; it keeps me in touch with my family; it can help me reach the police in an emergency; it lets me play Tetris. Like many growing up in Silicon Valley,...

How early should finals be taken?

How early should finals be taken?

Hsin Yen Huang, Jonathan Ye May 31, 2019

As the school year comes to a close, students frantically begin studying for final exams, which are typically held during the last week of school. However, in some AP classes, teachers choose to administer...

Fitting in: my struggle with pressure in high school

Fitting in: my struggle with pressure in high school

Noela Bae May 28, 2019

Nike’s famous slogan “Just Do It” often serves as an empowering and motivational mantra. But to me, this slogan was a phrase that fueled peer pressure throughout high school, giving my friends and...