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the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

My experience as an Asian American minority had been limited by the environment I grew up in until I spent a few weeks in Tennessee for a summer program.

Popping the Silicon Valley bubble: My experience as an Asian American minority

Lillian Fu December 9, 2020

In the summer before tenth grade, I spent two weeks living in Tennessee for a creative writing program. Most of my memories of that time are pleasant: the afternoon sun dimming through the classroom windows,...

My version of happiness had been superficial and one dimensional, but I’ve come to recognize that genuine happiness can’t exist without an understanding of other emotions as well.

Positivity unmasked

Kavya Iyer November 4, 2020

I stared at myself in the mirror, ashamed of the ashy-grey tear stains on my cheeks. In the safety of the empty school bathroom, I splashed cold water on my face to erase any evidence of the smudges and...

My paranoia of leaving a carbon footprint has kept me from posting on social media.

Social media: Is it worth the risks?

Jason Shan November 4, 2020

In the age of social media, teenagers are stereotyped as heads-down, hoods-up, twiddling their thumbs over the screens in their hands. In part, this does stem from the truth — social media has consumed...

Recently, the Uyghur genocide in China, where millions of Muslims are being detained and forced to denounce their faith, has been covered extensively by various social media outlets. Although this coverage may seem positive, it falls into a gray area for me — I don’t know whether I should feel elated or concerned. 

A genocide’s a genocide, no matter the size

Lina Mezerreg October 7, 2020

Social media is extremely useful in bringing to light serious issues, especially since word of mouth is no longer viable due to the coronavirus shelter-in-place. Recently, the Uyghur genocide in China,...

The bloodstains of all those who have lost their lives to the injustice of racism serve as a constant reminder of the inequality in America.

Liberty and justice for all: standing united in the fight for equality

Kavya Iyer May 28, 2020

Slavery. Prejudice. Brutality. Things of the past—supposedly.  They say slavery is a blemish upon the glorious history of America, the land of the free.  Free—what a joke.  In...

College commitments during corona

College commitments during corona

Medha Upadhyay May 27, 2020

The Class of 2020 has lost our prom, our senior game, our graduation, our picnics, our ditch day. We’ve put on a brave face and let it go. As everything around the world has ground to a halt, we are...

Dear seniors: In retrospect with 2020 vision

Dear seniors: In retrospect with 2020 vision

Ashley Song May 27, 2020

Dear Class of 2020, where do I begin? I guess there’s no better place to start than in Fall of 2016, when our Viking journey began. Scratch that, try the Summer of 2016. Our Homecoming theme was “Into...

For some, the expectations that arise from living in the Bay Area are a burden, not a blessing.

Stuck in the world of STEM

Bennie Chang May 25, 2020

Silicon Valley. With beaches to the west, mountains to the east, a bay to the north and plains to the south — not to mention the glowing summer sun that stretches for nine long months — who could ask...

COVID dreaming: Where do we go from here?

COVID dreaming: Where do we go from here?

Nicole Ong May 25, 2020

“This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but with a whimper.” – “The Hollow Men,” T.S. Eliot For Lynbrook students, the...

One door closes, but hundreds more open

Audrey Wong April 16, 2020

Things always happen for a reason. While it might not seem so in the moment, they will help in the long run. Those were the words of wisdom from my mother that continuously resonated within me as I attempted...

Preserving more than just instant ramen

Ashley Song April 14, 2020

I have a problem. Don’t be alarmed, it’s nothing life-altering or severe, and if you know me, it is probably old news. I really like instant ramen. And while I do admit it neither boasts any health...

Too late to join Instagam?

Sloka Suresh April 3, 2020

I had always envisioned my debut on Instagram as this magical moment marking my first real introduction to all things mainstream. After all, Instagram did pave the way for popular trends like the mannequin...