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the Epic’s holiday season tunes

the Epic’s holiday season tunes

Amy Liu and Sruthi Medepalli December 14, 2020

Opportunity Week may seem like it’s going to last forever, but eventually all the tests, projects and stress will wind down and you’ll be able to sip hot chocolate watching “The Nightmare Before...

the Epic’s 3 a.m. jams

the Epic’s 3 a.m. jams

Amy Liu and Sruthi Medepalli December 7, 2020

Though we strongly recommend getting as much sleep as you can, staying up until early morning is sometimes unavoidable. Burning eyes, staring at a bright screen and contemplating life during the wee hours...

the Epic's compilation of Lynbrook favorites

the Epic’s compilation of Lynbrook favorites

Amy Liu and Sruthi Medepalli November 24, 2020

Wondering what your fellow Vikings are listening to? With songs handpicked by Lynbrook students, this playlist will take you through your peers’ musical favorites. One playlist to encompass everything...

the Epic’s road trip bangers

the Epic’s road trip bangers

Amy Liu and Sruthi Medepalli November 16, 2020

With Thanksgiving break around the corner, we wanted to prepare you for the long hours of road trips you may take! Whether you are travelling across the country or just to another city, no road trip is...

the Epic's favorite new releases

the Epic’s favorite new releases

Amy Liu and Sruthi Medepalli November 9, 2020

Though online school may be tough, we can always count on our favorite artists to release music to lighten the mood. Some days, the only thing that keeps us sane despite the whirlpool of tests and homework...

the Epic’s study beats

the Epic’s study beats

Sruthi Medepalli and Amy Liu November 2, 2020

Studying in online school can be a pain — we find our eyes slipping shut and our minds losing motivation. Music is the perfect solution! Whenever you find yourself struggling to focus, blast these beats...

the Epic's favorite Spooky Season hits

the Epic’s favorite Spooky Season hits

Sruthi Medepalli and Amy Liu November 2, 2020

Menacing laughter, piercing shrieks and eerie melodies — Halloween music is bound to send shivers down your spine. In honor of Halloween, the Epic has compiled some of our favorite Spooky Season hits...

It's the season for final exams. This playlist is created to help with studying!

The best bops for stressed students

Emma Cionca December 11, 2019

When I began high school, my workload and study time increased drastically, as many warned me it would. To avoid the boredom of sitting in a chair for hours on end, people I knew listened to music or even...

Some songs to help study for finals.

Songs to help cope with borderline grades during finals season

Michelle Zhu December 11, 2019

Finals. It kind of feels like walking on fire, but for a whole week. Many of us develop coping mechanisms to alleviate the heavy burden it puts on our shoulders. Maybe it’s your favorite recipe for hot...

Writer Nicole Ong shares some of her favorite songs to listen to when studying.

Chill beats for the best of study sessions

Nicole Ong December 4, 2019

My study habits are quirky, to say the least. I have listened to the strangest of songs while studying, from a 10-hour loop of the USSR National Anthem to a trap remix of the Little Einsteins theme song....

Spend some Free Time listening to Ruel

Teresa Arisawa October 14, 2019

I discovered Ruel while listening to a playlist that recommended me his song, “Younger”. I really enjoyed the lyrics and melody, and after hearing the song, I wanted to check out more of his music.  At...

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