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The best bops for stressed students

It's the season for final exams. This playlist is created to help with studying!

Emma Cionca

December 11, 2019

When I began high school, my workload and study time increased drastically, as many warned me it would. To avoid the boredom of sitting in a chair for hours on end, people I knew listened to music or even watched Netflix as they worked. However, I quickly realized I couldn’t concentrate on my work if I lis...

Songs to help cope with borderline grades during finals season

Some songs to help study for finals.

Michelle Zhu

December 11, 2019

Finals. It kind of feels like walking on fire, but for a whole week. Many of us develop coping mechanisms to alleviate the heavy burden it puts on our shoulders. Maybe it’s your favorite recipe for hot chocolate, or maybe it’s the small doodles in the margins of your study guide. For those who pref...

Chill beats for the best of study sessions

Writer Nicole Ong shares some of her favorite songs to listen to when studying.

Nicole Ong

December 4, 2019

My study habits are quirky, to say the least. I have listened to the strangest of songs while studying, from a 10-hour loop of the USSR National Anthem to a trap remix of the Little Einsteins theme song. I even tailor my “study music” to each subject: the “Untitled Goose Game” soundtrack for...

Spend some Free Time listening to Ruel

Teresa Arisawa

October 14, 2019

I discovered Ruel while listening to a playlist that recommended me his song, “Younger”. I really enjoyed the lyrics and melody, and after hearing the song, I wanted to check out more of his music.  At only 16 years old, Ruel has already released multiple singles and two extended plays (EPs...

5 Songs To Make Your Mood Bloom

5 Songs To Make Your Mood Bloom

Hatim Saifee

October 22, 2018

Welcome back to Music Monday! This time, we’re bringing you five songs from Troye Sivan’s latest album “Bloom.” I discovered Troye’s music when I watched the “Blue Neighborhood” trilogy movie, and my music taste has never been the same since. I was able to relate to every song on that al...

5 Songs to Sweeten the Heart of the School Year

5 Songs to Sweeten the Heart of the School Year

Belinda Zhou

October 1, 2018

To put it simply, Ariana Grande’s fourth studio work, “Sweetener,” is the album I never knew I needed. In her interview with Jimmy Fallon, Grande explains that the album title was inspired by “bringing light to a situation or to someone’s life, or somebody else who brings light to your life...

Songs that will bring Tori Kelly’s “Hiding Place” out of hiding

Source: Capitol Records

Jessica Li

September 24, 2018

A painstaking wait of more than two years. Black and white visuals. Rad riffs. Full on gospel choir. Welcome to the first Music Monday of the new school year! The music this week: Tori Kelly’s new album “Hiding Place” (which, in my very objective opinion, is the best album that has come out to...

Christmas songs for the road

Christmas songs for the road

Divya Nelakonda

December 19, 2017

It’s finally the holiday season! If you know me, you know that there is no holiday I enjoy more than Christmas. And while I’d like to say that I spend my winter break sipping a hot cocoa in front of the fireplace, whether it’s driving to the mall to shop for presents, driving up to the tree farm to ...