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Anderson Memorial Bridge in Cambridge, Massachusetts: home to Harvard University.

From Harvard to Proposition 16: the truth about race-based affirmative action in higher education

Bennie Chang November 12, 2020

Walking past Lynbrook High School, one cannot miss the modern, remodeled campus, the lines of Teslas in the parking lot and students scrolling on their new iPhones. Not too far away, though, are underfunded...

A genocide’s a genocide, no matter the size

A genocide’s a genocide, no matter the size

Lina Mezerreg October 7, 2020

Social media is extremely useful in bringing to light serious issues, especially since word of mouth is no longer viable due to the coronavirus shelter-in-place. Recently, the Uyghur genocide in China,...

Early AP exam registration disproportionately impacts low income students, with it’s far reaching consequences ultimately harming students regardless of socioeconomic status.

Early AP Registration hurts student performance

Youqi Huang October 7, 2020

The College Board moved registration from Spring to mid-November for the 2019-20 AP exams in an attempt to boost student performance, aiming to inspire students to apply themselves in their classes because...

The history and significance of Lynbrook’s iconic symbols spans many generations of Vikings.

Lynbrook’s symbolic structures

Emma Cionca and Emma Constable October 7, 2020

While Lynbrook may be known for its high-achieving student body and diverse schoolwide traditions, its structural symbols celebrate the pride and honor of all past, present and future Vikings. Such symbolic...

Despite the controversy surrounding Disney's recently-released Mulan movie, the significance of the film itself should not be overlooked.

Who is that girl I see?

Katie Chen October 7, 2020

Lack of meaningful representation of diverse characters is a glaring pitfall in Western media. After years of searching for narratives that reflect my own, I was finally able to live vicariously through...

Graphic Illustration by Priyanka Anand. 
This year, 79 Lynbrook seniors received the National Merit Semifinalist Award.

Lynbrook awarded highest number of National Merit Semifinalists in California

Priyanka Anand October 7, 2020

This year, 79 students from the Lynbrook Class of 2021 have received a National Merit Semifinalist award, making Lynbrook the school with most Semifinalists in Calif. These students have qualified to apply...

Exploring filial piety in Asian cultures

Exploring filial piety in Asian cultures

Shamita Gurusu and Lillian Fu October 7, 2020

Commonly practiced in Asian families, filial piety consists of the virtues of respect, obedience and supportive care given to one’s ancestors and elder family members. It provides a basic structure for...

The writer, Bennie Chang, staring into the mirror and pondering over the truth about racism.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s most racist of them all?

Bennie Chang October 7, 2020

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s most racist of them all? He’s vanished, hidden, crawled deep within, lost to all who dare not fall. According to the Oxford Dictionary, racism is “prejudice, discrimination...

Despite strong political opinions, young voters are often missing from voting lines.

Young voters: How voices go unheard in politics

Elena Williams and Jason Shan October 7, 2020

It’s not that they’re not opinionated — they are — and it’s not because they refuse to engage — they do. So why is it that young voters, an increasingly distinct coalition, suffer from disappointing...

All teachers and students must remember that the challenges they face are not all that different and that patience for each other is essential during this time.

Remote learning tests student and teacher patience

Diana Kohr and Elizabeth Park October 7, 2020

Bloodshot, bleary eyes. Screaming children in the background.  Faulty internet and bandwidth overloads. Mountains of homework. Mountains of work to grade. Patience levels tested to the...

Issue 1: Letter from the Editors

Elena Williams and Anusha Kothari October 7, 2020

Dear Readers,  We join you reporting live on the ground today — from our bedrooms in a tiny Zoom box.  As student journalists, we are keenly aware that our roles in the community have changed...

“Zhong qiu Jie”, also known as the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional holiday that celebrates family togetherness; however, social distancing restrictions this year pose new challenges for families celebrating this holiday.

Mid-Autumn Festival in mid-quarantine: A new moon of challenges

Christy Yu October 7, 2020

In a traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival celebration, also known as zhong qiu jie or the Moon Festival, family members who live apart gather together around the dinner table, eat mooncakes and moon...

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