Homecoming 2018: Kingdoms

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Friday Oct. 12: Staff

The Kingdom of the Greek Gods

Homecoming 2018: Staff Skit

Photos by Jessica Li, Risa Mori and Elena Williams

Tuesday Oct. 16: Freshman Class of 2022

The Kingdom of Harry Potter

Homecoming 2018: Freshman Class of 2022

Photos by Rachel Wu

Wednesday Oct. 17: Sophomore Class of 2021

The Kingdom of Asgard

Homecoming 2018: Sophomore Class of 2021

Photos by Sadhana Sarma and Srinidhi Seshadri

Thursday Oct. 18: Junior Class of 2020

The Kingdom of Classic Fairytales

Homecoming 2018: Junior Class of 2020

Photos by Nicole Ong and Audrey Wong

Friday Oct. 19: Senior Class of 2019

The Kingdom of the Mind: Imagination

Homecoming 2018: Senior Class of 2019 

Photos by Enzo Cabaltica and Nicole Ong

Friday Oct. 16: Homecoming Parade

Homecoming 2018: Parade

Photos by Pranav Mishra, Kaylin Li, Patricia Wei and Elena Williams

Friday Oct. 16: Homecoming Parade

Homecoming 2018: Football Game

Photos by Enzo Cabaltica, Kaylin Li, Michelle Lum, Pranav Mishra, Nicole Ong, Hatim Saifee, Ashley Song, Patricia Wei and Elena Williams.