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Homemade face masks are common remedies for skin blemishes, dryness and discoloration.

Unmask your stress with homemade recipes

Feeling stressed? Pimples and blackheads breaking out from homework? Try one of these easy homemade mask recipes tried and tested by the Epic! All ingredients are common household items easily purchased in any grocery store, so don’t worry about spending hours to find that one specific exotic oil.

My face felt especially smooth after this mask. The grains of turmeric within the honey seem to serve as an exfoliant, scrubbing off the dead skin from my face. Like my friends and online recipes have mentioned, turmeric dyes the skin yellow. Luckily, I easily removed the yellowness with a diluted milk solution rinse as suggested by the internet. Additionally, my face radiated warmth for a period of time afterward, but it felt comfortable.

Avocado moisturizing mask

We have all jumped on the avocado bandwagon at some point, whether it was eating avocado toast 24/7 or watching fitness influencers explain how many nutrients and fats are packed into this one tasty fruit. But did you know that directly smearing it on your face (or even hair) has numerous benefits too? Avocados contain vitamins A and E and can penetrate below the surface of the skin to fully hydrate al...

Cucumber probiotic mask

I’ve seen pictures of people reclining with cucumbers over their eyes all over the internet, but never attempted it myself. This mask may just emulate that practice. Cucumbers reduce swelling and puffiness as well as soothing irritation with its anti-inflammatory properties. Similar to avocados, cucumbers also provide a lot of moisture and hydration, as they consist of 96% water. The other major c...

Cocoa avocado mask

This mask's ingredients are almost exactly the same as the first avocado mask, but with the addition of cocoa powder. Raw cacao in its purest form has a high amount of cancer fighting, disease busting, premature age-destroying antioxidants. Others had also mentioned that these ingredients were the same as those used in avocado-chocolate desserts, so I had high expectations.  Recipe and Instructions:  Wash and clean y...

Turmeric honey mask

This is the first mask that comes to mind when mentioning homemade masks. Unlike with the other masks, I actually have friends and classmates who swear by this for their pristine skin. Turmeric contains antioxidants that protect skin cells and can restore the natural glow and uneven skin tone of your face. Additionally, this golden spice is very effective against redness and acne. Honey’s benefits do...

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