Future collegiate athletes celebrate commitments to colleges

Meet five Lynbrook seniors who will be continuing their athletic careers at the collegiate level: Andrew Shao, Angela Liu, Amy Steinmetz, Juney Lee and Nathan Lee. Shao and Liu, track and field athletes, will be attending MIT and Scripps College, respectively; Steinmetz has a place on the UC Irvine volleyball team; Juney Lee will be playing for the University of Rochester’s field hockey team; and Nathan Lee will be swimming for UC San Diego’s team. Lynbrook’s first athlete signing celebrated these seniors’ achievements and commitment to both academics and their sport: each athlete has played at the varsity level for three to four years and maintained a 3.7 to 4.0 GPA.

“I wanted to make it special for them because it is a special occasion,” said athletic director Jennifer Griffin. “Ms. Chan and myself are working on changing the athletic culture in Lynbrook to mean more. Lynbrook is so academic, but I want us to be able to celebrate the athletic side and the academic side together and have them be more even.” Check the Epic’s Facebook page for a livestream of the signing event.