Five Songs to Evoke Creative Vibes

Srinidhi Seshadri and Patricia Wei

As second-year staff members on the Epic, we’ve spent a lot of time writing and designing. While making graphics, designing layouts, editing photos or writing stories, we often listen music to cultivate a chill and creative atmosphere. Today, we share with you some of the songs that stimulate our creativity. Listen to them when you’re in the mood to get a creative boost, or when you just want to rejuvenate your mind by listening to songs that are empowering.


Free by Why Don’t We

The uplifting tune of this song is perfect for letting your mind wander and discover fresh new ideas. The chorus allows you to sing along as you gather your creative thoughts while the peppy beat keeps you pumped up. The song makes you feel like you are free to do whatever you want and explore the different possibilities of life. It makes you want to “ride a star” through the universe, escaping reality. It’s the song you would listen to as you relax and collect your thoughts.


Bright by Echosmith

This song may be about finding love but it’s still a happy reminder that whatever happens, the “universe is on [your] side.” The song is full of hope for a blissful future and great inspiration as your imagination discovers the wonders of the world. The moderate tempo with the harmonic voice of the lead singer, Sydney Sierota, makes you feel calm and at peace. This song is sure to increase your productivity as well as lift your mood with its simple but catchy tune.


Life After You by Daughtry

A mellow song from 2009, Life After You by Daughtry is both heartfelt and soothing. The soft rhythm created by the guitar and drums makes this the perfect chill rock song. “All that I’m after is a life full of laughter,” the iconic line from this song’s chorus, is beautiful and catchy, inspiring you to chase after happiness. The lyrics and singers’ passionate voice make this a great song to create the inspiring atmosphere you want to work in.


Home by Phillip Phillips

Perhaps one of the most popular songs by American Idol winner Phillip Phillips, Home makes you think about comfort, positive vibes and good memories. It reminds you of late night jam sessions with your closest friends where you finally found the place you belong. Home is the perfect song to hear playing in the background when you are doing what you love.


You and Me by Lifehouse

From the first guitar chord to the last lyric, this classic song from the early 2000s will remove your stress and melt away your worries. It allows you to hope for a time spent with people you love, when the clock seems alive because time passes so quickly. It’s songs like these that have helped relax our minds and recuperate our strength during some of our toughest moments this year.


Honorable Mentions: Because we could not narrow down our favorite creative-vibe songs to only five, here are some more songs that are inspiring and perfect for listening to while relaxing or doing creative work.

Something Big by Shawn Mendes

Away From the Sun by 3 Doors Down

 This Town by O.A.R.