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The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

Christmas and Navratri both connect us to religion and culture but much more importantly to a familial bonding and goodwill. 

A non-Christian merry Christmas

Sruthi Medepalli, Copy Editor December 7, 2021

Screeching songs about jingle bells, throwing tinsel on trees, hastily wrapping last-minute gifts and baking box double-chocolate brownies for a fat white man and his fat reindeer — while my phony Christmas-infused...

I thought that quitting would reduce my opportunities, but it instead opened me to countless possibilities I never knew existed.

“What else do you have left?”

Jason Shan, Web Editor December 7, 2021

It was a question that my parents had asked and one I had asked myself countless times during the summer before high school. I had quit nearly all my extracurricular activities, so as I entered high school,...

Weight Watchers targets teenagers

Weight Watchers targets teenagers

Divya Nelakonda, News Editor March 29, 2018

As part of an initiative to expand to a younger and more loyal customer base, Weight Watchers has announced that it will be launching a free six-week program in July for teens from ages 13 to 17. My immediate...

Americas past: not such a blast

America’s past: not such a blast

Nicole Ong, Editors-in-Chief March 29, 2018

My eighth grade U.S. History class sparked a new passion in me to connect the dots between America's past and present. As I researched further, however, I realized I had only learned a fraction of true...

The unexpected costs of school soccer

Sadhana Sarma, Design Editor January 25, 2018

It’s a dark and stormy night under the non-existent lighting on Stober Field. Another school soccer practice has come to an end and the team is gathered in a circle to stretch and listen to announcements....

SSS: Semester of serenity or stress?

Chelsea Li, Content Editor January 25, 2018

As I submitted my last college application on Dec. 31, I felt like a new person. At long last, I had come out of my house to the bright sunshine and sound of birds chirping, finally breathing a sigh of...

Demystifying boarding schools

Demystifying boarding schools

Clara Fernandes, Writer September 28, 2017

Imagine you’re in the most highly reputed religious Catholic boarding school in the nation. You’d probably expect a very strict educational environment that rigorously disciplines its picture-perfect...

I broke up a fight

Michyla Lin, Design Editor September 22, 2017

I broke up a fistfight. That is a sentence I thought I would never have to write, but because of the appalling scene I found myself a witness to, I had to make those words a reality. At about 3:15...

Summer Reflections: Lessons learned from a summer of STEM

Summer Reflections: Lessons learned from a summer of STEM

Michelle Lum and Hsin Yen Huang September 22, 2017

STEM summer programs are often considered opportunities for exploration of complex subjects not covered in a traditional high school setting. Students not only grow as budding scientists, but also as people,...


Revamp Saratoga’s desolate downtown

Shreyas Iyer, Editor-in-chief May 25, 2017

As I depart for college in Washington D.C., I’ll surely miss many things about my hometown of Saratoga; the people, the weather, the food—but not, however, the downtown. In my mind, the town of Saratoga...

Dont judge students who take initiative

Don’t judge students who take initiative

Aurelia Yang, Content Editor April 27, 2017

Whenever students create new clubs or organizations outside of school, brief backlash usually ensues, with judgements of “she’s such a try-hard” or “he’s only doing that to get into a good college”...