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The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

Finstas: the fake side of Instagram

Noela Bae, Content Editor December 7, 2017

Ever since Instagram users were given the option to log into multiple accounts at a time, Finstas have quickly been on the rise. If you’re not familiar with the term “Finsta,” allow me to explain....

Zara pockets workers’ wages

Michelle Lum, Editor in Chief December 7, 2017

This summer, as I browsed countless stores with my sister in search of the perfect dress or jacket, I never once paid attention to how those garments had ended up in my hands. While I mindlessly pushed...

Behind the Story: Writing a column about Trump

Hatim Saifee, Web Editor December 2, 2017

Trump. Yes, I wrote a column on Trump, which definitely isn’t the most unique column out there. Yes, it was about Trump’s media presence and yes, it was “inspired” by all the news and articles....

California officially recognizes non-binary as the third gender

California officially recognizes non-binary as the third gender

Hatim Saifee, Web Editor November 29, 2017

California achieved a historic feat by becoming one of the first states to offer the option to match legal documents to people’s identity, whether male, female or nonbinary. SB-179, otherwise known as...

Predicaments of overlooked immigrants

Patricia Wei, Web Director November 2, 2017

Ten years ago, Lynbrook alumna Alie Wu arrived in America at the age of seven. Her parents carried E-2 work visas, invaluable skills and the dream of providing a strong future for their family. She quickly...

Unjust race driven admissions

Unjust race driven admissions

Belinda Zhou, Opinion Editor November 2, 2017

I recall sitting in my living room as a sixth grader, listening to my concerned parents engaging in a rather vehement discussion about affirmative action as I mindlessly played Flappy Bird. Back then,...

Seeking a foundation for change

Seeking a foundation for change

Risa Mori, In-Depth Editor November 2, 2017

Singer, songwriter, fashion designer, entrepreneur — Rihanna’s growing list of titles may cause assumptions that her new beauty line, Fenty Beauty, is just another instance of a celebrity plastering...

Women burdened by Trump’s repeal of birth control insurance

Sadhana Sarma, Design Editor November 2, 2017

Birth control — a collection of methods that women use simply to control hormones for more bearable menstrual cycles or to have a sense of security in regard to unplanned pregnancies—has been discredited...

Boy Scouts organization undermined by inclusion of girls

Boy Scouts organization undermined by inclusion of girls

Noela Bae, Content Editor November 2, 2017

Marking a major milestone in the push for gender equality, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) announced on Oct. 11 that girls would now be allowed to join the program and attain an Eagle Scout rank, the highest...

Students discuss whitewashing in Hollywood

Kelsey Lu, Business/PR Manager November 1, 2017

Asian Americans in Hollywood. You may think that this would be a normal occurrence now because of the advocacy for diversity, but in recent events, the lack of Asian Americans in media has become more...

The undocumenteds plight in Hurricane Harvey

The undocumenteds’ plight in Hurricane Harvey

Meera Balaji, Public Relations Manager September 28, 2017

On Aug. 25, Hurricane Harvey ravaged the southern coast of Texas, leaving destruction in its wake. The total damages are currently estimated to be around $190 billion, surpassing the cost of both Hurricane...