• Apr 14 / Boys GolfLynbrook High School - 239, Fremont - 177
  • Apr 12 / Boys BaseballLynbrook High School - 15, Monta Vista - 2
  • Apr 12 / Girls SoftballLynbrook High School - 0, Gunn - 21
  • Apr 8 / Varsity Boys VolleyballLynbrook High School - 3, Saratoga - 1
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The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

Even during this crushing time for businesses, a new boba shop, Mr. Sun Tea, also known as Mr. Sun, was able to thrive despite being open for a few short months. With a variety of unique drink flavors and their specially handcrafted boba, Mr. Sun has become a ray of sunshine in this dark time. 

Mr. Sun’s handcrafted boba pops into Cupertino

Elizabeth Park January 24, 2021

A seemingly endless line wrapping around the building. The whirring and loud clatter of machines with soft pop music in the background. Employees rushing to and fro, calling out a constant stream of numbered...

Kruk models her wearable art sculptures: “Fly for Peanuts,“ a flight attendant uniform made of peanut packages, “Traje de Luces,” a costume made of M&M wrappers and “Lady Lifesaver: Race for the Covid cure,” a nurse outfit made of Lifesavers candy wrappers.

From scraps to sculptures: Kruk’s wearable art

Christy Yu December 9, 2020

With her creative dresses made of wrappers, parts from trophies and packaging paper from airplane snacks, art teacher Charlotte Kruk uses artistic skill and imagination to turn what others see as garbage...

Bay Cuts poses with their hair clippers with Sachin Radhakrishnan and one of the administrators at the church.

Bay Cuts: Vikings’ traveling haircut service for the homeless

Ethan Lee December 9, 2020

During the pandemic, seniors Eddie Wang, Jash Gada and Vincent Su received the Jefferson Award for Public Service after starting Bay Cuts, a free haircut service for the homeless individuals living near...

Photo used with permission of Aditya Suresh

Junior Aditya Suresh, Founder of Remission for All, posing for a photo.

Aditya Suresh, besting illness to founding non-profit

Bennie Chang December 9, 2020

Whether it be starting his own organization or conquering illness, junior Aditya Suresh has done it all. On top of being an avid student interested in biomedical research, he has become a non-profit founder...

Gao takes photos of various wildlife in different environments using her photography equipment.

Capturing the moment: Senior Carol Gao’s wildlife photography

Sophie Au November 4, 2020

Crouched down on a kayak with a five-pound camera lens, senior Carol Gao observes as birds fly nearby and occasionally swoop down to the lake’s surface. She snaps a photo, but it is blurry. She snaps...

Quarantine has given (from left to right) Vakkalanka, Chen and Sriram ample time to pursue new hobbies, which have helped them foster new skills and improve themselves as people.

Channels, circuits and characters: Students discover new passions in quarantine

Elizabeth Cheng November 4, 2020

With extracurricular activities put on pause at the beginning of the pandemic, students have been inspired to explore many new hobbies that have allowed for self-improvement. Although many canceled activities...

As the crew hops onto the spaceship, crewmates must figure out who is the impostor among them before it is too late.

There is one trending game among us

Amy Liu November 4, 2020

“Where? Who? Sus.” Welcome to the Among Us world. The game has recently experienced a massive surge in popularity, including within the Lynbrook community. In this party game that involves teamwork,...

The history and significance of Lynbrook’s iconic symbols spans many generations of Vikings.

Lynbrook’s symbolic structures

Emma Cionca and Emma Constable October 7, 2020

While Lynbrook may be known for its high-achieving student body and diverse schoolwide traditions, its structural symbols celebrate the pride and honor of all past, present and future Vikings. Such symbolic...

If school were on campus, students might notice a few new faces, among them Nicole Loughran, the new attendance specialist.

New specialist Loughran navigates virtual attendance

Melissa Chen October 7, 2020

In online Zoom meetings, students have interacted with their classmates and teachers, but are unable to greet the rest of the Lynbrook staff like they would in person. If school were on campus, students...

The pandemic has brought changes to the work life of Lynbrook students.  Some have returned to work while others have been left in uncertainty or found new opportunities.

Lynbrook student jobs — pandemic edition

Anwen Huang October 7, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created hurdles for people all across the world. In particular, the work force has been hit hard, with many people losing jobs or facing the difficult transition to a virtual...

Arjun Gupta’s nonprofit organization, Elevate the Future, has led to him earning the Jefferson Award.

Senior Arjun Gupta receives 2020 Bay Area Jefferson Award

Anirudh Seshadri October 7, 2020

Shelter-in-place orders during the COVID-19 pandemic have led to an increase in the number of youth and adult volunteers contributing to the community. Senior Arjun Gupta has taken this opportunity to...

Students continue to learn art despite not being in person.

Art teachers bring the art classroom to students’ homes

Allison Hsieh October 7, 2020

To many students, art classes play a unique role in their school schedule. It gives them a break from the lecture-based classroom and encourages them to display individuality through their own work. When...