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The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

Senior Yechan Lee will attend the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York.

Yechan Lee marches his way into military academy

Alyssa Wang, Opinion Editor May 8, 2023

“Sound off! One! Two!” For senior Yechan Lee, this army chant will soon become a daily routine while attending the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York for the next four years. There,...

Bilingual or bye-lingual

Bilingual or bye-lingual

Lilly Wu and Eileen Zhu May 8, 2023

As multilingualism and cross-cultural communication continues to shape the world, the ability to speak more than one language has become an increasingly valuable asset. While some individuals grow up in...

One can catch glimpses of Lynbrooks culinary staff through the steam of the kitchen.

Behind big bites — Lynbrook’s kitchen staff serve love

Emily Pedroza, Features Editor April 10, 2023

As students filter into campus to start their mornings, figures in the kitchen move under bright lights, curating brunch displays and cleaning counters. Supplying Lynbrook’s students with fuel and warmth...

Samir Mehra spends hours on Blender to create colorful, intricate animations.

Samir Mehra blends art and technology

Maple Leung, Staffer April 10, 2023

Colors swirl across the screen as junior Samir Mehra finishes his sixth hour on Blender, forming intricate animations, whether they be pieces of work that detail the impacts behind social media use or...

In his memoir “Spare,” Prince Harry details his life as a prince in the British royal family.

I read Prince Harry’s memoir so you don’t have to

Surya Saraf, Copy Editor April 10, 2023

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, is crabby — he was never the heir to the British throne, always in the shadow of his older brother Prince William, always the “spare” to William’s “heir.” In his...

Senior William Xu and junior Krish Agarwal build their own PCs.

Students build custom digital experiences with self-built PCs

Chelsea Lee, Design Editor April 10, 2023

The gaming community has popularized self-building PCs in recent years, and senior William Xu and junior Krish Agarwal are two of many Lynbrook students who have joined the trend as a way to enhance their...

Jeremy and Kelly Dybdahl build their dream home on 40 acres of land in the Santa Cruz mountains.


Calvin Zhou, Staffer March 10, 2023

The night the "bomb cyclone" storm hit, the Dybdahls were caught off guard. The fierce winds and heavy rain battered their property, sending their temporary structures and storage tents flying. Books,...

Anish and ArtReach members holding up their completed cards, each with a wildlife photograph.

Anish Lakkapragada’s Nature Card Donations for hospitalized youth

Surya Saraf, Copy Editor March 10, 2023

“A child afflicted with any condition or trauma doesn’t know what normal truly is. So, why not give them a taste of that experience?”  After enduring a tick condition in middle school, junior...

“Hogwarts Legacy” brings a new generation of gamers eagerly exploring and discovering everything that this fabled realm has to offer.

The potion for all Potterheads: a review of Hogwarts Legacy

Anirudh Seshadri, Managing Editor March 10, 2023

For years, the mesmerizing world of the “Harry Potter” franchise has enchanted fans worldwide. With Hogwarts’ enchanting castle walls and Hogsmeade’s picturesque scenes, J.K Rowling’s magical...

Andrew Yuan uses his keyboard and GarageBand to produce music and create instrumentals.

Andrew Yuan merges music and ChatGPT in perfect harmony

Apurva Krishnamurthy, News Editor March 10, 2023

For senior Andrew Yuan, ChatGPT is more than an informative chatbot. It is an at-home music studio, generating song concepts and lyrics to create music with ease. Using the up and coming AI server and...

Senior Shreyas Malladi expertly folds inventive and complex origami creations.

Shreyas Malladi unfolds his creativity through origami art

Neha Ayyer, In-Depth Editor March 10, 2023

Surrounded by a stack of paper and intricate designs, senior Shreyas Malladi expertly folds inventive origami creations. Malladi designs his own pieces by hand and through an online software called Pepakura,...

Ankita Chatterjee wears wings made from To Kill a Mockingbird pages.

Ankita Chatterjee sculpts her representation of society

Tanika Anbu, Staffer February 6, 2023

Equipped with Photoshop and her trusty camera, senior Ankita Chatterjee spends months bringing the artistic vision brewing in her sketchbook and notebook margins to life, communicating critical messages...

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