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The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

No changes will be implemented within the World Language department until the 2024-25 school year.

District reconsideration of world language classes

Jasmine Rihal, Social Media Manager April 10, 2023

On March 20, FUHSD announced that due to declining enrollment each school’s World Language department will also be downsized to offer only three languages. As the smallest language program on campus,...

The water crisis in California is a complex and multifaceted issue that requires immediate action from policymakers, businesses and individuals alike.

Beneath the surface of Calif.’s water infrastructure crisis

Calvin Zhou and Sarah Zhang April 10, 2023

Trillions of gallons of precipitation have poured down on California this winter, breaking the state’s driest recorded three years. However, most of the water has returned to the ocean, rather than replenishing...

One can catch glimpses of Lynbrooks culinary staff through the steam of the kitchen.

Behind big bites — Lynbrook’s kitchen staff serve love

Emily Pedroza, Features Editor April 10, 2023

As students filter into campus to start their mornings, figures in the kitchen move under bright lights, curating brunch displays and cleaning counters. Supplying Lynbrook’s students with fuel and warmth...

Since 1991, FUHSD has leased out the Sunnyvale High School property to The Kings Academy. The board discussed the possibility of reclaiming the property and reopening Sunnyvale High School.

Sunnyvale equity concerns spark district action

Myles Kim, Editor-in-Chief April 10, 2023

In north Sunnyvale lies Moffett Park, a 1,156 acre development site. Here, the City of Sunnyvale seeks to create a diverse and sustainable mixed-use district to ensure climate sustainability and decrease...

Various workout supplements, taken before and after workout sessions, seek to improve physical prowess by boosting energy and athletic performance and aid in muscle growth and recovery.

The scoop on workout supplements

Samiya Anwar and Larry Wang April 10, 2023

Intense physical exertion during a weightlifting session is incredibly taxing on not just one’s muscles, but their sinews, joints and cardiovascular structure too. Various workout supplements, taken...

Samir Mehra spends hours on Blender to create colorful, intricate animations.

Samir Mehra blends art and technology

Maple Leung, Staffer April 10, 2023

Colors swirl across the screen as junior Samir Mehra finishes his sixth hour on Blender, forming intricate animations, whether they be pieces of work that detail the impacts behind social media use or...

Holi: The Festival of Colors

Holi: The Festival of Colors

Vidushi Upadhyay, Staffer April 10, 2023

Epic staffer Vidushi Upadhyay attends different Holi events around the Bay, talking to people about their experiences with the Hindu festival of colors and learning about its history.   

In his memoir “Spare,” Prince Harry details his life as a prince in the British royal family.

I read Prince Harry’s memoir so you don’t have to

Surya Saraf, Copy Editor April 10, 2023

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, is crabby — he was never the heir to the British throne, always in the shadow of his older brother Prince William, always the “spare” to William’s “heir.” In his...

Virtual Enterprise students showcase their businesses

Virtual Enterprise students showcase their businesses

Audrey Sun, Staffer April 10, 2023

 Students from virtual enterprise class showcase their businesses and demonstrate how they operate, covering everything from budgeting to marketing their products.  

The Valkyries, Lynbrook’s dance team, won two titles at the Contest of Champions, a national competition hosted in Orlando, Florida March 3.

Valkyries become champions at the Contest of Champions

Tanika Anbu and Apurva Krishnamurthy April 10, 2023

The Valkyries, Lynbrook’s dance team, won two titles at the Contest of Champions, a national competition hosted in Orlando, Florida from Mar. 3 to Mar. 8. The team spent their season perfecting the choreography...

March Madness, the single-elimination college basketball championship, has been wilder than usual this year with many surprising upsets.

A look into March Madness 2023

Deeksha Raj, Business Manager April 10, 2023


Visiting Half Moon Bay and Pescadero beach, students from cullinary classes across FUHSD, as well as members of the Lynbrook Conservation Action Association club, learn about sustainability in the food and farm industries.

Students explore sustainable food on Green Careers field trip

Neha Ayyer, In-Depth Editor April 10, 2023

Among the crash of waves against piers and the hum of local communities working, students from culinary classes across FUHSD visited Half Moon Bay and Pescadero beach on March 27 to explore the market...