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The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

While the “The Amelia Project” is intriguing and fresh, the podcast lacks consistency and unexpected twists to keep the audience more engaged.

Grab a drink, The Amelia Project is going to keep you up

Jasmine Rihal and Emily Pedroza May 8, 2023

“The Amelia Project,” produced by theater company Imploding Fictions, is a dark comedy podcast about a secret agency that fakes its clients’ deaths and forges them new identities with each episode...

To create a more accepting community, respecting the needs of people with SAD can go a long way.

Feeling SAD? Blame the weather

Chelsea Lee, News Editor May 8, 2023

Many people breathe a sigh of relief when the weather warms up and starts to feel like spring, but it may not bring as much relief to others. Illuminated on social media as “seasonal depression” and...

Emojis have slid into your DMs

Emojis have slid into your DMs

Sophie Au, Design Editor May 8, 2023

LOL: Lots Of Love or Laugh Out Loud? Is the 🙏 used to clap or to pray? In the age of rapid communication via cell phones, texts with abbreviations, shortened words and emojis convey thoughts with...

Many languages may be speaking their last words

Many languages may be speaking their last words

Apurva Krishnamurthy and Anushka Anand May 8, 2023

As English continues to globalize and be prioritized over other languages, language isolates are left behind. Many communities lose a part of their culture as younger generations forfeit a link to their...

Valerie poses with her scout sign, a signature gesture from her time at White Stag summer camp. Photo by Chelsea Lee

Finding my calling as a camp counselor

Valerie Shu, Staffer May 8, 2023

Lightning split the crimson sky as I aimed my flashlight into the gloomy dusk, surrounded by the chaotic voices of my campers while raindrops filled the air. Carrying heavy backpacking gear and half a...

Juul settled with six states, amounting to $462 million paid for advertising its e-cigarettes to audiences under 21 years prior to its company-wide reset in 2019, in which the company redefined its ethics after criticism.

Juul pays its largest settlement over minor-directed advertising

Sam Sarma, News Editor May 8, 2023

On April 12, California announced that they would receive the largest settlement a state has ever received from Juul Labs. The company settled with six states, amounting to $462 million paid for advertising...

Swear words permeate our lives as forms of self expression, cathartic cries and bitter insults. But from where do these deep-rooted exclamations come?

WTF?! The origins of swear words

Meera Nambiar and Surya Saraf May 8, 2023

They say a single “F—ck!” is worth a thousand words — a profane but clear cry of frustration, or a little emphasis to everyday conversation that holds a potency in its resounding four letters....

Dave Chappelle, famous comedian, came under fire for his transphobic comments, which have sparked backlash from multiple communities. Graphic illustration by Surya Saraf and Alyssa Wang.

Dark side of dark comedy

Emily Pedroza, Staffer May 8, 2023

The phrases “it’s just a joke,” or “why are you so upset?” regularly pollute social media in light of outrage concerning yet another comedian’s controversial humor. What can often begin as...

Watch your tone!

Watch your tone!

Sruthi Medepalli and Samiya Anwar May 8, 2023

Welcome. Bienvenido. Salut. Khush Amdeed. Huānyíng. While these phrases extend a warm invitation, the various tonal changes in each language pressure the brain to perceive them differently. Thus, discrepancies...

Lynbrook students play games, read and cartwheel, oblivious to the roaring fire blazing behind them. Graphic illustration by Anushka Anand and Lilly Wu.

Editorial: Bomb threat or not, It’s no laughing matter.

Epic Staff May 8, 2023

On the morning of April 11, Lynbrook faculty identified a potential bomb threat that resulted in the cancellation of the rest of the school day and forced numerous students to leave their belongings in...

Drag — the art of dressing up in hypermasculine or hyperfeminine clothing and makeup — has risen in popularity through social media apps TikTok and Instagram.

Don’t “Drag” Drag

Sam Sarma and Maple Leung May 8, 2023

Strutting down runways, singing and dancing to captivating music while advocating for charitable causes, drag artists foster a culture of their own. Whether it be the early English Shakespeare plays of...

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