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The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

Lost in translation.

Lost in translation.

Susanna Tang and Valerie Shu May 22, 2023

Exploring how language influences day-to-day communication and culture. 

Mental health in the world of sports

Mental health in the world of sports

Qianzi Loo, Web Editor May 8, 2023

One in seven people between the ages of 10 and 19 suffer from some sort of mental disorder, according to a 2021 global study by the World Health Organization. While exercise has been recognized as one...

Evan Taylor sprints through two Lynbrook track records

Evan Taylor sprints through two Lynbrook track records

Deeksha Raj, Business Manager May 8, 2023

After a final burst of energy, senior Evan Taylor is milliseconds away from breaking yet another school record — his team holds their breaths as they watch him cross the finish line of the 200-meter...

Author E.J. Koh explores themes of cultural identity with Lynbrook students during her virtual author visit.

E.J. Koh’s “magical language” captivates students

Calvin Zhou, Staffer May 8, 2023

On May 3, San Jose-born poet and author E.J. Koh spoke with Lynbrook World Literature students, who listened intently as they learned of the struggles and triumphs Koh experienced while caught between...

Binge-watching, or the act of watching multiple episodes or an entire season of a show in one sitting, has gained immense popularity in past years. Currently, around 70% of Americans say they binge-watch television shows.

Addicted to the art of binge-watching

Inaaya Yousuf and Vidushi Upadhyay May 8, 2023

Sitting with laptop in hand and schoolbooks scattered about, the tedium of studying sets in and the allure of a brightly-lit screen and a beckoning Netflix tab eventually proves too strong to resist. Binge-watching,...

Juniors Aishani Chikkareddy and Kyrsten Su are avid participants in Peer Court and work to help students receive second chances.

Peer Court: for students, by students

Tanika Anbu, Staffer May 8, 2023

Rather than sentencing a student to juvenile court in the case of misdemeanors, the Santa Clara County Peer Court program helps to break the school-to-prison pipeline by allowing students to share their...

Lynbrooks Favorite Music Lyrics

Lynbrook’s Favorite Music Lyrics

Amishi Chandra and Vidushi Upadhyay May 8, 2023

the Epic staffers Amishi Chandra and Vidushi Upadhyay go around Lynbrook to discover students' favorite music genres and song lyrics.

While the “The Amelia Project” is intriguing and fresh, the podcast lacks consistency and unexpected twists to keep the audience more engaged.

Grab a drink, The Amelia Project is going to keep you up

Jasmine Rihal and Emily Pedroza May 8, 2023

“The Amelia Project,” produced by theater company Imploding Fictions, is a dark comedy podcast about a secret agency that fakes its clients’ deaths and forges them new identities with each episode...

To create a more accepting community, respecting the needs of people with SAD can go a long way.

Feeling SAD? Blame the weather

Chelsea Lee, Design Editor May 8, 2023

Many people breathe a sigh of relief when the weather warms up and starts to feel like spring, but it may not bring as much relief to others. Illuminated on social media as “seasonal depression” and...

Emojis have slid into your DMs

Emojis have slid into your DMs

Sophie Au, Design Editor May 8, 2023

LOL: Lots Of Love or Laugh Out Loud? Is the 🙏 used to clap or to pray? In the age of rapid communication via cell phones, texts with abbreviations, shortened words and emojis convey thoughts with...

Many languages may be speaking their last words

Many languages may be speaking their last words

Apurva Krishnamurthy and Anushka Anand May 8, 2023

As English continues to globalize and be prioritized over other languages, language isolates are left behind. Many communities lose a part of their culture as younger generations forfeit a link to their...

Swear words permeate our lives as forms of self expression, cathartic cries and bitter insults. But from where do these deep-rooted exclamations come?

WTF?! The origins of swear words

Meera Nambiar and Surya Saraf May 8, 2023

They say a single “F—ck!” is worth a thousand words — a profane but clear cry of frustration, or a little emphasis to everyday conversation that holds a potency in its resounding four letters....

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