New ASB Changes made for the upcoming year

Srinidhi Seshadri, Web Editor

ASB will implement several changes for the 2017 to 2018 school year, including introducing a new ASB adviser, instituting a new commission replacing the Athletics and Clubs commissions and altering the structure of the class officer teams.

The current adviser for ASB is Andrea Badger, who also teaches Accounting and Principles of Business. Her role as adviser will be taken over by Jason Lee, a current science teacher. Lee is the current adviser for the Class of 2017 and thus has experience in engaging with student leaders.

“I am here to support the ASB officers and commissioners; they are running the show,” said Lee. “I feel like my job will be to provide the team input from observations or feedback and properly following student government protocols.”

ASB will also replace the Clubs and Athletics commissions with a new Community Link commission.

“Clubs will still be there as a part of community link next year, but just in a different way,” said sophomore Pranav Saravanan, a Clubs commissioner. “For example, we’ll still be able to hold events like club food day or club info day but it’ll just be more community based events.”

ASB officers have found that these two commissions only target very specific groups of people, and the variety of events that can be hosted by these commissions is very narrow. Other commissions are able to branch out and host different events, yet Athletics and Clubs are unable to.

“We felt that establishing community link would allow the commissioners in that position to pursue these kind of clubs and athletics events,” said junior Lillian Chen, ASB president-elect. “They can serve the school in that way but also be able to expand their horizons by doing other sorts of events as well.”

ASB will also change how class office will be structured. Currently, both the class of 2019 and 2020 have only one vice president, while the class of 2018 has two and the class of 2017 has three. For the following year, freshman, sophomore and junior classes will have two vice-presidents, thus expanding the size of future class office by one for the freshman and sophomore classes. Additionally, unlike previous years, one out of five class officers will be from Hyde Middle School instead of Miller Middle School due to an increase of students from Hyde that will be coming next year.

ASB added an extra officer to the freshman team to ensure fairness and equal representation to students who will be coming to Lynbrook from Hyde middle school. The ratio of class officers from each school is approximately the same as the number of students from that school that will be attending Lynbrook. The additional officer had to be included for the sophomore class as well to make sure all classes have a similar number of officers.

“For freshmen, being their first year it would definitely help to split the work between five people and it would also help increase general unity for the freshmen class,” said Chen.

Overall, the changes made to ASB will hopefully foster more creativity, improve representation around campus  and better streamline administrative practices.