A guide to podcasts


Rachel Wu, Design Editor

If the new year means a new you, then here is something to add to your list of resolutions: listening to podcasts! Whether it be while walking to school, riding in the car or just enjoying some free time, pull out your phone and your earbuds to play the latest episodes of your favorite podcasts. Read on for suggestions of  podcasts you might like to listen to.

¨The Daily¨

Learn more about current political issues by listening to “The Daily.” Hosted by Michael Barbaro, a political journalist for the New York Times, each 20-minute episode of “The Daily” goes over a recent political event and invites guest speakers to share their thoughts on it. This podcast separates itself from others, as its guest speakers include those who defy social norms like a Republican congressman who opposes Trump’s plan for a wall and those who share insight on a political topic such as a border sheriff who supports Trump’s plan to build the wall. In addition, Barbaro’s unbiased questions allows his audience to relate to his podcasts no matter where they fall across the political spectrum. Sit back and enjoy a podcast from “The Daily” for your daily dose of news.

¨Tiny Leaps, Big Changes¨

“All big changes come from the tiny leaps you take” is the motto for the podcast “Tiny Leaps, Big Changes” by digital media artist Gregg Clunis. Each episode focuses on a goal for personal growth and suggests simple tips to achieve each goal; this podcast is the perfect motivational boost for the new year. With currently more than 300 episodes, “Tiny Leaps, Big Changes” covers a wide range of topics on personal growth, whether it is being more productive or having a healthier lifestyle. Clunis breaks down what each goal means and shift one’s perspective on a certain topic in such a way that it will nurture rather than discourage. Listen to this podcast and step by step, or rather, leap by leap, big changes will come.

¨Welcome to Night Vale¨

Welcome to the fictional town of Night Vale, where the supernatural meets the natural and where ghosts and green-eyed five-headed dragons are a part of everyday life. With more than 100 episodes narrated by actor Cecil Baldwin, each episode of “Welcome to Night Vale” is a series of announcements and reports on the strange events, such as a bake sale to fundraise for blood space wars and neutron bomb development, that occur in Night Vale. The podcast’s narration, both deep and menacing, is accompanied by chilling music that send shivers up your spine. The specific details of the town and its events, like a glowing cloud that rains corpses of armadillos and lizards, help the podcast live up to its reputation of being as alluring as it is strange. Listen for a good spook, and enhance your experience by listening at night…if you dare.