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Behind the history of Let’s Chat History

Used with permission from Aarit Parekh
Let’s Chat History’s team, John Jou, Aarit Parekh and Isaiah Sit, meet at Rainbow Park to record their new episode of their history podcast.

Gathered on the benches at Rainbow Park, sophomores John Jou, Aarit Parekh and Isaiah Sit prepared their scripts and began recording the first episode of their podcast, “Let’s Chat History.” After countless weekly meetings at Lynbrook’s History Club together, the students’ common interest in history inspired them to create an educational podcast where they analyze historical events and integrate their own perspectives. Through their exploration of various topics under history’s vast umbrella, the founders aspire to make the subject more enjoyable and engaging for students.

“The original aim of the organization was to support the development of history curriculum in our local schools, but it didn’t work out,” Parekh said. “We still wanted to do something history related, so the podcast was formed from there.”

The podcast was initially created in January after Jou pitched the idea to the rest of the team. To ensure the venture’s efficiency and success, the founders took on different roles within the team.  With Jou as the editor, Parekh as the PR manager and Sit as the head researcher and scriptwriter, the students began to bring their project to life. After an extensive preparation process, they launched their first episode in March where they discussed the importance of studying history. Following  the initial launch, the founders continued releasing biweekly episodes, exploring various topics from the history of breakdance to early hominids and historiography, the study of historical writings. These episodes combine educational history with everyday knowledge and interests, while still incorporating elements of facts and humor. 

“Many people don’t like history; students often believe it’s the most boring class of the day,” Sit said. “We want to dispel that idea by transforming it into a conversation. Our goal is to help people understand that history isn’t all about dates and old dead people and that it’s actually rather dynamic because it tells a story.”

The podcast has three types of episodes: host interest episodes, guest features and their chronological events series. Out of the three, the host interest episodes were the most well-received. This series of episodes typically consists of candid conversations ranging from army units in the early modern period to the origins of the nuclear bomb. Although host interest episodes are the best received, the founders consider the chronological events series as the heart of the podcast.  In the series, the three hosts follow a historical timeline from the beginning of humanity to educate and entertain listeners.

The guest features boasts a colorful panel of speakers, inviting different perspectives and allowing some of the podcast’s listeners to join in on the discussion. One can apply to be featured by filling out a Google form linked on their Instagram and Spotify

“I listened to their podcast before being featured on it, and I decided to apply because I am really interested in history and wanted to support fellow history enthusiasts in their passion projects,”  senior and featured guest Anshul Singh said. “I really enjoyed how the hosts incorporate comedy into their historical presentations to keep the audience engaged.” 

While creating the podcast, the team faced a number of challenges, especially with communication. Due to their busy school schedules, members would often miss messages sent in the group chat leading to miscommunication about tasks and the proposed order of certain episodes. The team learned to prioritize checking the chat on a regular basis to ensure proper communication. Moreover, as high school students with a limited budget, the founders did not have access to a recording space or proper recording equipment, prompting them to record their podcasts at Rainbow Park using their own iPhones. 

Through their shared passion for history, the founders of “Let’s Chat History” hope to instill a similar love for the subject in their growing audience, while also aiming to break down negative stereotypes surrounding history by making it more enjoyable for high schoolers like them to learn. 

“In the future, we hope to expand outside of the Bay Area and get listeners from all over the country,” Parekh said. “However, we don’t want to completely focus on numbers. Instead, we just want to have fun while working with our passions.”

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