Indesign Fashion Show: Exploring Pandora’s Box

Susanna Tang and Meera Nambiar

Lynbrook explored Pandora’s Box with Indesign for its first fashion show in four years on the evening of Friday, May 21. Donned in student-made pieces, 31 models strutted down the catwalk, revealing the seven deadly sins in Pandora’s Box — each were represented by the show’s five subcategories: unconventional, summer, avant-garde, winter and red carpet. Between each subcategory were filler shows performed by student singers, Jalwa, Breakdance Club and Valkyries.

Edgy and monetary connotations conveyed the wrath and greed of unconventional outfits. Romantic elements of summer outfits brought color and pride to the stage. Avant-garde outfits were vengeful and full of fire. Designers used loungewear with deeper midnight tones for winter outfits, placing emphasis on the slower, relaxed nature of comfortable clothes. With lavish suits and dresses, red carpet outfits communicated envy — green outfits played up the metaphor “green with envy,” while red pieces put the “red” in red carpet.

“We were able to foster a lot of student creativity this year through a three-dimensional wearable medium,” senior and co-president Janice Chong said. “The show also went really well — there was always something fun going on, whether it be models walking down the runway or singing and dance performances.”