Teja Jampani travels the world, step by adventurous step


Photo by the features section

Teja cherishes nature and the outdoors on his backpacking trips around the country.

Deeksha Raj, Business Manager

On the final stretch of his nine-day and 327-mile journey from Oregon to New Mexico, junior Teja Jampani soaks in the breathtaking views of the beaches and mountains, remembering all of the incredible memories he made with his Boy Scouts troop throughout his journey. Inspired by his Boy Scouts adventures, Jampani takes his love for the outdoors to the next level by embarking on backpacking trips around the country. For days on end, Jampani lives on limited necessaries, rewarded for this material sacrifice by the beautiful landscapes. 

“My trips with my Boy Scouts team were where I made the best memories and I’m super grateful for the experiences and my time with nature,” Jampani said.

His trip started in Oregon, where he biked along the coast on Highway 101, covering 40 to 60 miles a day with his Boy Scouts team. The heavy rain that they faced for the first three days taught him to appreciate proper preparation for unexpected circumstances. A trailer filled with especially heavy gear traveled alongside him and the rest of the Boy Scouts. 

Another obstacle for Jampani to conquer was the hilly terrain, which he was ready to face after taking multiple preparatory ventures prior, and training to repair certain parts of a bike. These pre-trips included the team going on hikes and bike rides at local spots. 

“The terrain was hilly and challenging, but we have done prep-trips and cycle training on how to repair certain parts on a bike in case one of our bikes has issues,” Jampani said.

In search of a meaningful and rewarding escape from stress, Jampani committed to embark on the journey after receiving additional encouragement from his troop. After this opportunity, Jampani knew he wanted to continue embarking on backpacking trips.

“You are immersed in wilderness, and you can’t see any streets or hear any other sounds except rain, birds and the wind rustling the trees,” Jampani said. 

Throughout his trips, he has experienced tons of rainstorms, dangerous lightning and on occasion, scorching hot weather. While extremely frustrating, Jampani uses these moments as learning opportunities and reminds himself to maintain a positive mindset when facing difficulties. 

“I like to use those moments to tell myself to not say it’s nature’s fault, but it’s just the way you look at it,” Jampani said. “I go with the flow and keep calm.”

After every trip, Jampani feels motivated to backpack in new locations, wanting to make more memories with his friends and explore more of the world. Not only does he value his  backpacking trips for the vibrant views, but also because they let him escape stress from his life and school. He also appreciates that these opportunities allowed him to grow close with his troop and create a tight-knit family. 

Jampani looks forward to going on more backpacking trips in the future and exploring the world. During the summer of 2023, Jampani will add to his experience by embarking on his next trip to Utah. 

“I would encourage people to go backpacking if they are up for challenges,” Jampani said. “You won’t regret the time you have spent with your friends.”