Homecoming: Staff Skit 22-23

Amishi Chandra and Sophie Au


Mario and King Kong, Luigi and Donkey Kong, battle! On Friday, Oct. 14, Lynbrook staff kicked off Homecoming 2022 with a bang as staff members jumped into the world of Mario Bros, portraying different characters from the Fictional Frontier “The Mushroom Kingdom”. 


Deciding on an undiscovered but also classic and well-known frontier, Lynbrook staff chose The Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach’s realm in the classic world of Mario Bros, as their Homecoming theme. Frontier themes such as explorers and artifacts were integrated into the skit, bringing the adventure to life.


Mario and his gang defended their kingdom against King Kong and his villain team, who represented  Woodside High School. Lighting the quad up, they battled out for dominance and protection of their kingdom through simple games as well as a classic Mario Kart race around the quad. 


“I always enjoy the first script read, because nobody knows what’s going to happen except for my co-writer Dr. Stevens,” Bale said. “Everybody else is kind of in the dark, so when was the first time it’s revealed, that’s always the most exciting part.”


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Photos and Reporting by Amishi Chandra and Sophie Au.