Breakdance rookies battle


Photo by Deeksha Raj

Senior Andrew Chang powerfully kicks his legs in a break dance move.

Deeksha Raj, Business Manager

Breakdance Club has been known for its entertaining performances at rallies and occasionally in the quad. In the past, Breakdance Club has performed at various school events such as Winter Rally Valkyrie shows. They will also be performing at the upcoming ASB x Indesign fashion show. To close the year, they hosted a Rookie of the Year competition to ignite friendly competition and bring the talent out in their members and to inspire Lynbrook students to join the club next year. 

This annual dance battle is hosted to provide club members with a battling experience, which can be challenging because one must respond to their opponent and outdance them. The competition is typically friendly, unless a dancer chooses to get competitive.

“The Rookie of the Year usually becomes an officer the following year because they show us their potential and talent, and they want to be an officer,” said senior Andrew Chang, Breakdance  Club Co-President and winner of the 2019 Rookie of the Year Battle.

The Rookie of the Year competition is a battle between club members. Participants work their way through the brackets through week-long dance-offs and are judged by club officers who decide the winner for each round. On April 15, there was a cypher that decided the brackets in which the members were placed. Members engaged in the first day of battle on April 29, and the competition will conclude on May 6.

This year, five members participated, and the battle was thrilling and full of talent. The battle was also a learning experience for dancers to learn from their peers.

“It’s a fun way to end the year and it’s also a really crucial experience for members to get experience in a tournament,” Chang said.

Since the brackets are decided randomly, participants must work hard to prepare for whoever they are forced to a dance-off with. Members practice both inside and outside of school as well as through cyphers, where dancers form a circle and dance in it one after another. Cyphers throughout the year helped members feel comfortable with dancing and learn freestyle dancing. 

All members were encouraged to participate in the Rookie of the Year battle due to its tournament style — most members did not have prior experience battling one another. 

Breakdance Club has been working hard throughout the year to improve their skills, explore the art of breakdancing and entertain the school. Overall, the club’s performances this year have been successful, and the battle was an exciting conclusion to their season.