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The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

This year’s groundbreaking time landed seniors Alyssa Meng, Alison Tjoe, Vanessa Su and Claire Wang in first place in the Central Coast Section League and eighth in the ranks of all high school California teams.

Four years, four track stars, one historic record broken

Chelsea Lee, Design Editor May 3, 2022

On the red rubber track of the 2022 Stanford invitational, Lynbrook’s girls varsity 4x100 team sped through the finish line with a time of 47.82 seconds, not only topping their personal records but also...

The eugenics movement, often with racist or ableist motivations, touted the concept that the human race could be improved by breeding out genetically “unfit” individuals.

California’s little-known history of eugenics

Elizabeth Cheng and Crystal Qian May 3, 2022

White skin, blonde hair and blue eyes: the archetype of the Aryan race, deemed by German dictator Adolf Hitler to be the pinnacle of humankind. While the putative master race draws associations with Hitler’s...

Elizabeth Louie and Ronald Choi were named Lynbrook’s Certificated Employee of the Year and Classified Employee of the Year, respectively.

Elizabeth Louie, Ronald Choi named employees of the year

Crystal Qian, Copy Editor May 3, 2022

Elizabeth Louie, Certificated Employee of the Year After her first teaching stint in France, French teacher Elizabeth Louie returned to the Bay Area and eventually settled at Lynbrook, drawn to its...

Declining mental health is not a crisis affecting that only affects students, but one that teachers face as well.

Teachers endure burnout

Sam Sarma and Jason Shan May 3, 2022

In the wake of a growing mental health epidemic, FUHSD has implemented a variety of emotional support services, from Homeroom modules to the HAERT Program. However, declining mental health is not a crisis...

As the season end approaches, the team hopes to qualify for the Central Coast Section Championships.

Boys volleyball serves on and off the court

Emma Constable, Staffer May 3, 2022

Beating hearts and suspended breaths lock spectators in anticipation as a serve echoes off the gym walls. As the ball soars over the net, the sidelines erupt in cheers and chants, engaging the varsity...

Tattoos have evolved into a way for people to express themselves and recognize important symbols in their life.

Viking bodies become canvases for personality

Ria Phelan, Business/PR Manager May 3, 2022

As the stigma against them declines, tattoos have become more common among young adults. Once a taboo activity, getting a tattoo was seen as rebellious, antisocial and the mark of an outcast. Tattoos have...

I pick my favorite team, Mumbai Indians, from the ten different teams that play in the IPL and cheer my heart out for them, learning how to connect to my culture and family.

Hitting the ball out of the park

Amishi Chandra, Staffer May 3, 2022

The sound of cheering hits my 7-year-old ears, and I jolt up in bed before the break of dawn. Disgruntled, I run through all the possible scenarios of why people are cheering at the television at 3 a.m....

Entrance to the quad includes both stairs and an accessible ramp.

Editorial: Including students with disabilities

Epic Staff May 3, 2022

Ableism is defined as “discrimination in favor of able-bodied people.” Personal and systemic ableism is frequently witnessed throughout most high schools, including Lynbrook, and needs to be addressed...

I consume media mainly to escape the dull routine of my daily life.

The art of creating problems by running away

Myles Kim, Editor-in-Chief May 3, 2022

The incessant noise that often fills my head with doubts and carries my pessimistic attitude towards life is briefly lost in the wind as I ride out my fantasies as an outlaw during America's gilded age...

The global surrogacy industry is facing an unprecedented shortage of surrogate mothers.

Global crises create surrogate shortage

Tanika Anbu and Anushka Anand May 3, 2022

From the scare of new COVID-19 variants to vaccine reluctance, prospective parents and surrogate mothers have faced a variety of new issues amid the pandemic. Exacerbated even further by the recent Russian...

There are a myriad of factors that must be considered when planting.

Mr. Clarke cultivates his garden

Lauren Liu, Staffer May 3, 2022

Plants are picky. From the amount of sunlight they receive to the pH level of their soil, there are a myriad of factors that must be considered when planting. For English teacher David Clarke, monitoring...

A person’s appearance should not matter in the workplace — only their skills truly matter.

Why does appearance matter in the workplace?

Jasmine Rihal, Social Media Manager May 3, 2022

In a majority of professional environments, there has been evident prejudice against those with tattoos, brightly dyed hair and afros. But a person’s appearance should not matter in the workplace —...