Viking superfan: Perennial Lynbrook sports fan and volunteer Ling Yau celebrates six years


Used with permission of Ling Yau

The Li family poses together at Allison Li’s senior night.

Katie Chin, Copy Editor

As Lynbrook students cheer on the boys basketball team following their extraordinary victory in the Central Coast Section Championships, a familiar face is found in the stands. Lynbrook parent Ling Yau has attended nearly every basketball game in the last six years and is among the basketball team’s most ardent fans.

Yau started attending basketball games when her daughter Allison Li joined the basketball team in middle school. Passionate about basketball, Li joined the JV girls basketball team as a freshman at Lynbrook, where Yau was the team mom for two years. During her junior year, Li went on to play in the CCS finals with the girls varsity team, and the team accomplished the highest score in the league the following year.

“It was really nice to have my mom so involved with the team,” Li said. “From my standpoint, it was great to have someone there for me after the games.”

During her daughter’s junior and senior years at Lynbrook, Yau managed the scorebook during girls varsity basketball games. Although her daughter graduated in 2020, Yau continues to attend every home game and manages the shot clock and game clock, tracking the time left in the quarter, fouls and timeouts. Since the home team is responsible for managing the clock, Yau has consistently volunteered at girls JV and varsity basketball games during the season, as well as boys basketball games throughout the playoffs. This year, Yau also helped raise more than $1,000 with the girls team during their See’s Candies fundraiser.

“Since they were in kindergarten, I’ve always volunteered at my kids’ school,” Yau said. “Especially now that my daughter’s in college, I get more free time, and I don’t mind helping since I like watching the games.”

In the future, Yau hopes to continue supporting coaches with various tasks and cheering on Lynbrook’s sports teams during their home games.