To mask or not to mask?

Ria Phelan, Business/PR Manager

Despite FUHSD lifting the mask mandate on March 11, most Lynbrook students have chosen to keep their masks on. What are Lynbrook students’ opinions on whether to mask or not to mask? 

“I continue to wear my mask because it is still recommended in order to limit the spread. People are still getting infected, and you can never be too safe.” — Athreya Iyer, freshman


I wear my mask even though the mandate is lifted first for my personal comfort, and also because of allergies. The mask helps with pollen and also keeps sneezes in.” — Kyrsten Su, sophomore

“A number of friends I have talked to say that they’re hesitant on removing their masks mainly because not enough people have yet — basically herd behavior. I think it would be cool to see everyone’s full face again and have more personal interactions, but everyone can decide for themselves when it’s time to not wear masks at school anymore.” — Akhil Saboo, junior

“I wear a mask because it’s safer, I don’t have to show part of my face and when it’s cold, it keeps my face warm. It’s better to be safe even if the mask mandate is lifted, especially since there are a lot of people at school. Covering part of your face is just nice because sometimes I don’t feel like being perceived.” — Talia Chen, senior