Coffeehouse Talent Show 2022

Sophomore Adithri Sharma sings Andra Day’s “Rise Up.”

Susanna Tang and Chelsea Lee

Cell phone lights, laughter, cheers and the aroma of fresh popcorn filled the cafeteria as students showcased their talent on the stage of the Coffeehouse Talent Show on the night of Friday, Feb. 11. The students’ performances ranged from stand-up comedy to trio songs to magic tricks. The audience laughed at jokes about College Board and Lynbrook’s academic culture and waved their cell phone’s flashlights like they were in a concert as they listened to original songs. Hot chocolate, popcorn and various cafe desserts were provided for students to enjoy while cheering on performances and chatting during the intermission. To conclude the show, audience members signed up to share spontaneous performances in the “open mic” session, including impromptu breakdancing and a sing-along to “Finesse” by Bruno Mars.

“I felt like the support and everyone’s energy was really good,” senior singer-songwriter Kristin Zhao said. “Everyone’s so supportive, so encouraging and excited, and I thought that was the best part of it.”

The supportive audience makes the Coffeehouse Talent Show a judgment-free stage that ASB Recognition brings back annually. Last night was the fifth year of this tradition and was emceed by the ASB Spirit commissioners.

“We’re more used to seeing the athletic or academic side of Lynbrook, but this event emphasized being artistic and creative, which is just as important to the school,” senior and ASB Spirit commissioner Demir Genc said.