Campus bike theft

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As of Jan. 25, 46 of the 200 bikes on campus were found unlocked. Bike theft is preventable if one locks their bike. Three students share their past experiences of bike theft.  

“I had left my bike in the cage next to Lynbrook Way without a lock during a Winter Rally practice my sophomore year, and when I came back, it had been stolen. When I went to Mr. Ramirez’s office to see if he saw who stole my bike, we watched them ride my bike down Lynbrook Way on the surveillance cameras.” — Pranay Mamileti, Senior

When I returned to my bike after a football game, the lock was cut, and all traces of my bicycle went missing. Judging from the way my bicycle lock was cut, it was unlikely that the theft was spontaneous, meaning it may have been an organized theft. The staff weren’t able to do anything about the incident as it happened after school hours in the dark.” — William Jiao, Sophomore 

“My bike got stolen after football practice, and the security footage didn’t really reveal the face of the perpetrator. Mr. Ramirez showed me a new way of locking my bike: taking the lock itself and putting it through the bike frame and the back wheel and then attaching the lock to the metal itself. Thieves usually cut the rope but can’t cut the lock itself, so only the front wheel can be stolen at worst.” — Siddharth Chatteroj, Senior