Campus construction on track for 2023


Graphic illustration by Jasmine Rihal

Campus construction plans are in effect and on track to be completed in 2023.

Neha Ayyer, In-Depth Editor

Construction plans to expand and improve Lynbrook’s campus have been underway since the 2019-20 school year. The construction of new science, auditorium and classroom spaces by the 2022-23 school year will welcome students to a more modernized Lynbrook.

The theater lobby is still under construction and will be complete by March 2022. A lobby entry for the auditorium to welcome the audience has been on the to-do list for many years and is finally happening.

“The new lobby creation would incentivize more people to show up to performances and increase the popularity of the arts programs at Lynbrook,” senior and Studio 74 President Siddharth Chatteroraj said.

The new design will create a wider walkway to the school’s main entrance. In addition, the theater doors will have a light and sound lock to reduce external light and sound pollution during performances, with double doors at the entrance to the lobby.

Additionally, construction for the new science building at the location of the old office will start in June 2022. The building will have two stories, including rest areas for students.

“I’ve seen two-story classrooms in other schools, so I’m excited that they are finally building one at Lynbrook,” junior Avani Kinikar said.

Winding staircases on both sides of the building will take students from the first floor where the Chemistry classrooms are located to the Physics classrooms on the second floor. There will also be an elevator for equipment transportation and people with disabilities or injuries. The old science wing will be used for Biology classes, with each room’s walls being knocked down to merge and expand existing rooms.

Much of the inspiration for the new science building came from Cupertino High School. Since this building’s plan was already approved for CHS, it was easier to get state approval for Lynbrook. Multiple science teachers toured CHS to decide what they wanted for Lynbrook’s two-story building.

“The only difference between CHS’s building and ours is the fume hoods,” Physics teacher Thanh Ngyuen said. “Our Physics and Chemistry curriculums are designed so that students can safely perform most experiments without the need for fume hoods, so the only fume hoods in the building will be in the staff stockroom on the Chemistry floor.”

However, before the construction of the science building can begin, the old office must first be demolished, a difficult and time-consuming task. Fire alarms and pre-existing technologies will need to be rerouted. As of now, plans for the rerouting are still in progress as the administration and construction teams are devising an efficient process that will not interrupt classes.

Outside the classrooms, some fields are getting their turf redone, while others are getting turf for the first time. There is also an incorporation of new bike racks near the tennis court, with a bike repair station for students. The number of old racks near the pool will be reduced, and some will be moved to the Lynbrook Way entrance.

“The new bike racks will make it less stressful as it would be easier to find a space to park my bike; it would be safer because bikes won’t crash on top of each other and students won’t get scratched from other bikes,” Kinikar said.

The new construction will give staff and students larger and more modern amenities to teach and learn in, respectively. For teachers, the new space will provide more ways to use different styles of learning.

“With every project that gets completed, people feel more proud of their campus,” Principal Maria Jackson said. “We worked hard to design the space with students in mind, and they’re kind of owning the place, which is great.”