Homecoming: Junior Skit 21-22

The Lynbrook campus was transformed into Disney Animated’s very own magical kingdom in celebration of the class of 2023. The skit performance involved childhood favorites like Mickey Mouse, Cinderella and Olaf, inciting excitement and nostalgia in the audience. The plot revolved around a group of Lynbrook students going through the Disney multiverse and defeating Monta Vista villains like Maleficent, concluding with their victorious return to Lynbrook.

Despite a slight technological malfunction, the boys’ dance brought spirit back into the crowd with their bold, contagious energy. Narration by expressive voice actors carried the skit into the stunt-filled co-ed and girls dances. The coordination and blue-lightning outfits of girls’ dance inspired constant cheers in the audience, and the iconic lifts in co-ed were definitely a hit.

Members of the class of 2023 rushed onto the stage at the end to perform their class dance to “Try Everything” by Shakira, which first became popular for its feature in “Zootopia.”