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Throughout its history, the SAT has struggled to define what it means to assess academic ability.

Testing, testing: A history of the SAT

Renee Ge October 7, 2020

School closures. Canceled SATs. Test-optional or test-blind college applications. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, standardized testing was ubiquitous to the high school experience — millions of students...

The test-blind policy makes admission officers’ jobs that much harder.

Who’s really blinded by the new UC test-blind policy?

Ron Aich October 7, 2020

Standardized testing has long been a hallmark of the college admissions process. Regardless of gender, race or ability, most high school students share the experience of preparing for these grueling exams.  However,...

Coronavirus impacts standardized testing

Coronavirus impacts standardized testing

Priyanka Anand and Sunny Li May 29, 2020

With the cancellation of standardized testing in spring 2020 because of COVID-19, the College Board and ACT rescheduled their standardized tests for later dates in the summer and fall with plans for administering...

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