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The Golden Globes 2021 adapted to a virtual format due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, longstanding issues of lack of diversity in nominations and winners overshadowed the event.

Golden Globes 2021: Some new changes, some old grievances

Priyanka Anand March 10, 2021

The 78th Golden Globe Awards were a more-than-fitting metaphor for 2021: messy, weird, full of Zoom audio issues and spontaneously funny. Celebrities appeared pixelated, with their extravagant finery,...

The media often portrays teenage life to be more carefree than it actually is.

The false portrayal of teens in media

Stella Huang December 9, 2020

Every teenager experiences struggles while going through adolescence, but in many high school movies and TV shows, the main characters tend to spend most of their time in glamorous and unrealistic social...

Happy holidays! Released Nov. 22,

Holiday Movies: Frozen 2

Medha Upadhyay December 11, 2019

It’s official: Disney has managed to recreate the magic. Anna and Elsa are back with the whole gang, and Frozen fever is back in full force.   The royal sisters don’t feel quite the same...

Green Book cruises past controversy to pick up problematic Best Picture win

Green Book cruises past controversy to pick up problematic Best Picture win

Divya Nelakonda April 1, 2019

Nearly 30 years after “Driving Ms. Daisy” won Best Picture at the Academy Awards, “Green Book’s” Best Picture win at the 2019 Academy Awards feels like déjà vu. When “Green Book” was first...

“Paddleton” tugs at the heart yet remains uninteresting

Belinda Zhou March 29, 2019

When a large mass and several lesions are found on his CT scan, all Michael can muster is an “it’s okay.” After watching “Paddleton,” all I could muster was “it’s okay.” “Paddleton”...

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