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The eroding, expired Electoral College

Why should swing states weigh so much more than safe states?
November 4, 2020

The Electoral College needs to go. It’s outdated, wastes votes, lowers turnout, gives a select few states complete control over the outcome of the election and does not accurately reflect the will of...

Local elections begin for the City of San Jose

Graphic Illustration by Mei Corricello
October 30, 2020

Although the 2020 presidential election has the nation’s attention, local election results may have a greater impact on citizens’ everyday lives. Among the many candidates and propositions on the Nov....

Viking votes promotes voter registration among students

Graphic Illustration by Claire Chiu
October 30, 2020

Nov. 3, 2020’s elections will determine who will serve as the president and other key roles, represent Americans and determine the future of the country. To encourage political engagement, Lynbrook’s...

Idolizing politicians: The destruction of democracy

A crowd stares adoringly at a godlike politician with horrible qualities.
October 30, 2020

Throughout history, idolizing major political figures and parties has led countries down paths of destruction and dictatorship. In the most extreme example, as Adolf Hitler rose to prominence in Nazi Germany,...

Informed voting: Guide to measures on the 2020 General Election ballot

October 30, 2020

The California General Election will be Nov. 3, and all registered voters in California will receive a vote-by-mail ballot for the election, which has been mailed out by county elections offices starting...

The history of presidential debates

Since the 1960s, presidential debates have helped Americans decide who to vote for.
October 30, 2020

After repeated interruptions, vehement arguments and personal jabs, the first 2020 presidential debate on Sept. 29 between President Donald J. Trump and former Vice President Joe R. Biden was over. As...

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