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The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

The Student News Site of Lynbrook High School

the Epic

De Anza College will be one of many community colleges to
implement the Vision 2030 framework, providing more dual
enrollment opportunities to high school freshmen and greater
educational opportunities for the community.

Vision 2030 to provide college education to more students

Irene Hwang, Staffer November 6, 2023

In June, the Chancellor of California Community Colleges, Sonya Christian, introduced Vision 2030, a framework aiming to increase enrollment in California community colleges by expanding its dual enrollment...

Among professional athletes, injuries are considered to be one of the main deciding factors of the longevity and quality of their careers.

The detrimental impacts of injuries on the mind and body

Grace Zhu and Vidushi Upadhyay November 6, 2023

While many athletes experience injuries during their athletic careers and most of these situations result in a speedy recovery, if certain precautions are not taken, athletes can be prone to suffering...

Sophomore Ethan Wong strategically positions himself before clicking his camera to capture the Lockheed Martin F-35C as it flies by.

Capturing aviation through Ethan Wong’s lens

Lilly Wu, Opinion Editor November 6, 2023

Standing just 50 feet away from the runway at the Naval Air Station Fallon, sophomore Ethan Wong strategically positions himself before clicking his camera to capture the Lockheed Martin F-35C as it flies...

Subramanian, visiting the Marshall Islands in 2017 during his work as a consultant for Independent Diplomat, collecting data and consulting with government officials, to advise the small island nation on developing a “2050 Climate Strategy”.

Alumnus Narayan Subramanian’s work in environmental policy leads to — Oppenheimer?

Myles Kim, Editor-in-Chief November 6, 2023

Internal memos, conversation transcripts and historical analyses all soon met the yellow glow of incandescent lights lining the halls of the national archive as Class of 2009 alumnus Narayan Subramanian...

The city of San Jose hopes to install new underground power lines
through a newly proposed power utility provider known as San
Jose Power. Studies showed a projected 15 to 25% reduction in
electricity costs. It aims to bolster key infrastructure areas such as
San Jose Airport and Diridon Station in order for them to receive
reliable and resilient power.

San Jose Power to power up city as new provider

Taek Kim, Staffer November 6, 2023

After months of debates and delays, the San Jose City Council unanimously voted to approve the creation of a new, publicly-owned power utility — San Jose Power — on Oct. 3. The project is touted as...

With the growth of her brand, Sun hopes to expand her clothing collections and continue to craft at least one new collection a year. She wants to inspire others to experiment outside traditional fashion rules and is confident that her pieces will be a part of the movement that paves the future of fashion.

Fashion Forward: Amy Sun’s fusion of style and technology

Alyssa Wang, Opinion Editor November 6, 2023

Under the flickering light of her bedside lamp, Class of 2021 Lynbrook alumna Amy Sun continues sewing the last piece of her recent collection, Genesis, in which she focuses on what she calls a “Neo-Chinese”...

Your breath catches in your chest as your pupils dilate and your face begins to flush red. You’re in love, but why?

How romantic love works, scientifically

Riki Murase and Anushka Anand November 6, 2023

Your heart rate quickens. A tingling shiver of electricity runs down the back of your neck when you see them. As they come closer to you, your stomach flips and a knot forms in your throat. Your breath...

Robert bonds with his grandmother through origami folding despite their language barrier.

Unfolding dreams

Robert Yu, Staffer November 6, 2023

According to Japanese folklore, it is believed that by folding a thousand paper cranes, a person’s dreams would be granted. This is known as “Senbazuru,” a superstition that has inspired since the...

Every sport has different criteria for what constitutes the ideal body image — each shaped by the unique demands of the particular sport. However, the constant pursuit by athletes to achieve the ideal body image may lead to more challenges than advantages.

The mental and physical toll of body idealization on athletes

Ashley Huang and Crystal Zhu November 6, 2023

This story contains references to content that may be difficult for those who have experienced body dysmorphia or are sensitive to topics concerning body image or eating disorders. In the dim lights...

Beyond the proud Western sentiment, feminism can be recognized with a deeper complexity when viewed through different cultures and religions, adding nuance to the idea of female liberation.

Perceptions of feminism across the board

Qianzi Loo and Meadow Shen November 6, 2023

Western ideals of feminism emphasize independent women who reject patriarchy and advocate for educational and occupational equality. Beyond the proud Western sentiment, feminism can be recognized with...

The Citizens Advisory Comittee projects stark declines in student populations across the FUHSD high school campuses. The graph above details the change in progession for student numbers from the year 2017 to 2028.

Citizens Advisory Committee to combat FUHSD declining enrollment

David Zhu, Staffer November 6, 2023

Amid declining enrollment across all five FUHSD schools, the Citizen Advisory Committee on Enrollment is carrying out renewed efforts to address the impacts of these trends.  The CAC was established...

The Roy Rocklin Science Building officially opens its door to students

The Roy Rocklin Science Building officially opens its door to students

Daeun Chung, Web Editor November 6, 2023

The Rocklin Science Center officially opened its doors to welcome physics and chemistry students on Oct. 27 with an opening ceremony. On Oct. 30, students moved into their new science classrooms.  “I...